You Only Need 15 Minutes To Remove Body Stains!


You Only Need 15 Minutes To Remove Body Stains! In addition, the dark spots that appear in the body, especially in the armpits, knees and neck regions cause great concern to people affected by this nuisance.

When warmer seasons approach, these spots cause even more annoyance, as these seasons require us to wear clothes that cover less of us and are cooler, but it is precisely these uncovered areas that have more spots limiting us to using certain types of clothing.

The armpit and neck skin are very prone to darkening as these parts tend to accumulate more dead cells, derived from the use of chemicals such as deodorants, antiperspirants, lotions, perfumes, among other areas.

Certainly, the use of excess chemicals combined with sun exposure, generate dark spots on the skin, which tend to make the skin appear dirty or stained, affecting us mainly at the aesthetic level.

This is why today we brought the best tips so that you learn primarily how to get rid of those dark spots that cause shame. So, check out the following that You Only Need 15 Minutes To Remove Body Stains:

Home Treatments to Remove Dark Spots on the Body:

1. Honey:

This ingredient is above all one of the best moisturizers and regenerators for the skin. Apply honey directly on the affected area for 20 minutes, it can help Remove Body Stains and get a more even skin tone. Another option is to mix honey with a little milk or a spoonful of onion .

2. Milk powder and hydrogen peroxide:

This Body Stain Removal  mask  combines the whitening properties of milk, hydrogen peroxide and lemon . It is recommended to apply it at night, however, when exposed to the sun, it can have a negative effect.


6 drops of glycerin;

2 tablespoons milk powder;

Lemon juice ;

8 drops of hydrogen peroxide.


Mix all the ingredients in a container until forming a type of paste.

Finally, apply it to the affected area, letting it act for 20 minutes.

3. Oats

The oatmeal is a food with surprisingly moisturizing and regenerating properties of the skin, it also helps to eliminate dead cells. To remove stains from the body , it is best to prepare the following natural oatmeal scrub and apply it constantly.


1 tablespoon honey ;

1 tablespoon lemon juice ;

Tomato pulp ;

½ cup oat flakes.


Mix in a bowl all the ingredients to form a paste and apply it on the face by making gentle circular massages.

Leave on for 15 minutes and remove with cold water.

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