Woman with Incurable Cancer makes the most of Life


He suffers metastatic cancer for more than a decade, but Jussara claims to be living the best years of his life

The vast majority of people believe that a terminal cancer is a death sentence, that there is no life after diagnosis, but a suffering of waiting and undergoing aggressive treatment that will not give results. But Jussara del Moral decided to face the news in a different way. Even living with a cancer that has no cure, ensures that the diagnosis has made her live the best moments of her life.

Meet Jussara

It may seem strange that a person who has an incurable disease is living the best years of his life. But for Jussara this was the clash of reality that he needed to wake up and be the protagonist of his own story. From that moment, she began to prioritize her happiness and well-being, even being a woman with incurable cancer.

She discovered that she had breast cancer in 2007, at age 42, and went through the entire treatment. In fact, breast cancer can be cured, and Jussara expected it. However, two years later it spread. It was in 2009 when he discovered that he had metastases and that the cancer had reached his lungs and then his bones.

Cancer metastasis occurs when the cancer cells of the first tumor spread throughout the body, reaching other organs and developing cancer in other parts of the body. In the case of Jussara, the cancer spread first to the lungs, and then to the bones. Breast cancer is predisposed to develop metastases in the bones, lungs and liver.

When he discovered that the disease had spread, Jussara told in a video of the ter.a.pia channel, that it was the worst moment of his life, much worse than receiving the news that he had cancer. However, he decided to face this report differently, even knowing that one day he will die from cancer.

Then, Jussara will face life with a new attitude, living every day as if he were the last and prioritizing his happiness, his dreams and plans. She says there is no day when she gets up and does not have something to do solely for her pleasure and enjoyment. He has also known 13 countries since his diagnosis, even earning the same salary as before.

For Jussara, people have to have their moment of mourning and anger after being diagnosed with cancer. However, do not make your life a victim. She believes she has a super life and is a “survivor” and not a survivor. The way he has decided to face his life is to take advantage of it. Jussara says that he has stopped asking for a cure since the miracle he needed has already happened.


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