Why do some Children seem to Love their Parents more than their Mothers?


    Psychologists explain this behavior in some children

    There is a legend that says boys throw more for mothers and girls for fathers. But this is not always the case. In fact, some children seem to love their parents more than their mothers. Find out why this apparent attachment to one of the parents is above the other.

    Some children seem to love their parents more than their mothers

    Why some children seem to love their parents more than their mothers. What happens is that depending on the age phase in which you are, the child will need one parent more than another. It should be noted that the child’s genderand social needs will also influence him to be closer to the mother or father.

    For example, when they are born, up to 3 years, the mother is fundamental in the development of the baby. After that, they will get closer to the father to learn to play and do outdoor activities.

    For psychologists, in addition to the reasons stated above, as the little one is mentally and emotionally, it will also influence him to get closer to his father than to his mother. For example, if one of the two usually speaks loudly, it will irrationally approach the other.

    Also the hours that the children spend with their parents helps to make the bond stronger with one than with another. But it is not only time itself, but the quality of it. If the mother is 4 hours at home with the child but is doing housework and then the father is only 1 and dedicates it to play with his child, it will make the child have more union with his father than with his mother.

    Another reason why children seem to love their parents more than their mothers may be because of the hobbies and tastes they share in common.

    What to do in these cases

    If you notice that your child has more predilection for the father than for you, it is important to reach him trying to understand his feelings and emotions. In this way, you will earn it little by little.

    On the other hand, you have to accept that your son can have a better relationship with his father than with you. As said before, they are phases. It may be that he is closer to you in a few times.

    What you should do is give him love and show him how important it is for you at all times.


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