White Mistletoe Tea – What It Is, Benefits and How to Use


White Mistletoe Tea – What it is, Benefits and How to Use all the properties of this plant. In addition, the  white mistletoe , whose scientific name is Viscum album, belongs to the Loranthaceae family . It is a semiparasite shrub that grows on trunks of other trees. Its origin is European.

Due to its rarity, white mistletoe was once considered a sacred plant, so it was very related to Christmas.

Legends also claim that white mistletoe can be used as an amulet that protects from evil forces.

In addition, some people believe that white mistletoe is a conduit for human contact with the divine and that it can cause mystical dreams, as well as increase male fertility and bring power, health and wealth.

White Mistletoe Benefits:

The mistletoe is indicated for edema, chilblains, nerves, albuminuria, epilepsy, leukorrhea, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and cough. In addition, it acts in regulating blood pressure.

The main therapeutic value of white mistletoe is in the treatment of hypertension , although it is also used for epilepsy, insomnia and tinnitus.

For women, the plant is especially suitable for those who are already entering menopause.

It helps to reduce heat episodes caused by hormonal changes and even to decrease palpitations.

Women in childbearing age can treat menstrual pain, infertility or postpartum cramps .

White Mistletoe Tea:

In pill form, you will find in specialized houses. Have tea, you can make at home, following the following recommendations:

Separate a dessert spoon from the dry white mistletoe ;

Boil a cup of tea of ​​water;

Insert white mistletoe when water boils;

Turn off the pan and let it clear;

Wait 5 to 10 minutes;


Take up to twice a day.

You can make use of white mistletoe in several ways: macerated, pills or tea. Maceration can be in wine and you can take 100 ml per day.

If you prefer, put 2 grams of dry white mistletoe or one tablespoon (dessert) for each cup of cold water, leave for 12 hours and then take up to three times a day.


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