Ways to Prevent and Detect Breast Cancer


It is the month of awareness of this deadly ailment

Breast cancer is one of the tumors that most worries worldwide. Although it is more common in women, it can also affect men . Since October is the month of awareness of this type of tumors, campaigns to prevent and detect breast cancer are being created in different countries.

Ways to prevent and detect breast cancer

Although there are already some treatments that may be the hope for breast cancer, this tumor remains a scourge for society. But by preventing and detecting breast cancer in time, the chances of the person living increase.

To prevent

The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control ( CDC ) has highlighted some ways to prevent this tumor.

On the one hand, doing regular physical activity is very important.  The sport will help the person stay healthy and prevent them from gaining weight. Likewise, you must also have a balanced and healthy diet.

With regard to oral contraceptives, CDC also emphasizes keeping in mind the risks that these can bring, as well as hormone replacement therapies and previous radiotherapy treatments.

Alcohol consumption is also a factor to consider.

It should be noted that family history or age can also influence, but this is something that the person can do nothing.

How to detect

To prevent and detect breast cancer, doctors often explain to women how they should be touched in order to warn if there is any lump or mass of breast tissue that is not normal.

It is also important to pay attention to the fact that the breasts change their shape, if they swell or irritate and if any fluid comes out of the nipple unless you are breastfeeding.

On the other hand, the desquamation of the dermis, the pain in the breasts or the appearance of dimples are other indicative of a possible breast cancer.

Final tip:

To prevent and detect breast cancer, in addition to the above, it is essential to go to the doctor’s check-ups. You should keep in mind that some women have no symptoms and the only way to detect the tumor is to perform the relevant tests. It is recommended that starting at age 40, women begin to have mammograms.


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