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VitalDermax is a breakthrough cream designed to treat anti aging, after just 1 week of application the effect is visible. The first thing that is noticeable immediately after starting treatment with VitalDermax is that you need to urinate more often than ever before, which changes color to a darker state, informing that the body eliminates toxins and stored fats. In other words, anti aging just starts to melt with excellent results and the effect continues to improve week by week.

Regardless of what ingredients are found in your favorite cream, they do not affect anti aging, if they cannot get into the subcutaneous layer of the skin, where there is anti aging. All active ingredients in VitalDermax are packaged in nanosomes, organic microspheres that are 200 times smaller than human cells. Nanosomes connect to cell membranes and penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin to release active ingredients.

The most important features of the VitalDermax cream: pleasant to use, fresh and super concentrated removes fat without the need to perform a massage. It has a detoxifying and detoxifying effect and is hypoallergenic. By introducing this skin care cream you can be sure that it will take on a smoother, healthier appearance. Almost 89% of users experience rapid and effective reduction of anti aging, and over 90% of users still use it.

VitalDermax Composition

Some substances, such as extracts of ivy and caffeine, contribute to the drainage of intercellular fluid, thereby reducing bloating, which makes anti aging loosening visible. Salicylic acid can help exfoliate layers of dead cells from the surface of the skin and help it penetrate deeper. Glycerin is a common lubricant and moisturizer, and carnitine is used to stimulate microcirculation to remove excess fluids and promote skin regeneration.

The Product Includes:

  • Water
  • Glycerine
  • Butylene glycol
  • Lecithin
  • Hydrocotyle
  • Horsetail leaf extract
  • Ivy extract
  • Extract from bladder algae
  • Carrageenan (from red seaweed)
  • Caffeine
  • Carnitine

Hydrocotyl causes the skin to become smoother and the wrinkled skin disappears.

Horsetail has a strengthening effect on blood vessels, blocks the accumulation of adipose tissue.

Ivy accelerates metabolism and improves peripheral circulation.

Fucus vesiculosus supports the hydrolytic process of triglyceride which leads to the breakdown of fatty tissue and intensification of its dissimilation.

Caffeine affects better circulation and accelerates the process of fat burning.

Carnitine has the ability to transport fatty acids and convert them into energy

How to apply VitalDermax Anti-aging Cream?

The cream is designed to penetrate deeply into the skin layer, so there is no need for massaging, as with many similar products. The effects are noticeable after 12-15 hours, so the cream must be used only once a day.

Side effects or Contraindications for use

The ingredients are mainly synthetic. Pregnant and nursing women should avoid using this cream.

VitalDermax causes changes in the color of the urine and the frequency of urination. The producer reports that tests have been carried out to confirm the safe use of cream by humans.

Price and where to Buy VitalDermax

VitalDermax Cream – the price mention in official website, the product is available on the distributors’ websites.

VitalDermax Reviews

I tried a lot of different products, and finally I can say that this cream is what I need. This is not a bad smell, it is well absorbed, and one turn lasts for 3 weeks, I used it every day after the evening shower. So I needed 2 VitalDermax packages to get rid of visible anti aging. It is very important that you follow the instructions and do not use any cosmetic lotions or creams when using this cream. Guaranteed effect.

Goska from Germany

Looking for a cream to get rid of anti aging, I noticed the anti aging cream VitalDermax, I liked its natural composition. It was a good idea, I quickly began to notice a change in the appearance of my skin, which took on firmness and nice color. After two months after anti aging there is no trace.

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