How has Vicks VapoRub Survived for more than a Century?


Discover the wonderful story of this ointment that many call “magical”

The Vicks VapoRub is one of those products that are sold in many countries. This was created 129 years ago by the hand of the American Lunsford Richardson. This pharmacist had the great idea of ​​inventing it at the end of the 19th century. But how is it possible that he managed to survive the Vicks VapoRub for so long?

How has Vicks VapoRub survived so many years?

Vicks VapoRub is an ointment that has a very characteristic smell. Some love it. Others hate it. Whatever group you are, you must recognize that this product has various utilities and that its effectiveness is very good.

The balm can be used to soothe allergies, fungi, moisturize the lips, relieve a constipation or even for insect bites, among other uses.

Although the product emerged in 1890, it was not until 1911 when the ointment was given the name Vicks VapoRub, as it is known today. It should be noted that the formula is a mixture of eucalyptus oil, other oils, menthol, petroleum jelly, camphor and menthol.

In Spain, between 1918 and 1919 there was a great flu outbreak, which led to the popularity and sales of this product. Also, advertising campaigns helped. It should be noted that because of a pandemic that occurred at the same height in the United States, hundreds of thousands died. Even Richardson himself suffered pneumonia and died in 1919.

During these years, the demand was so high that the company had to increase production to the point that the company worked during the day and night.

After Richardson’s death, his family continued with the company, which was sold in the 80s to Procter & Gamble. Today, the product is present in 71 countries and only in Europe they manage to sell 23 million jars per year.

Know here some uses of Vicks VapoRub that you did not know.

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