Vegetable Broth Recipe To Lose 9kg In 15 Days!

Vegetable Broth Recipe To Lose 9kg In 15 Days

Vegetable Broth Recipe To lose 9 kg in 15 days effectively. In addition, a homemade weight loss vegetable broth is a dish made with a range of healthy, low-calorie, fat-burning ingredients. One of the best options to lose weight. Here you have a recipe for making your own homemade vegetable broth and starting to lose weight today in a healthy way.

Vegetable Broth To Lose 9 kg

How to lose weight with vegetable broth recipe:

For a vegetable broth to be beneficial to health and help us lose weight to be at home. Forget about those canned broths that can be bought at any major supermarket, because they add a lot of salt, sugar, fat… as well as additives we don’t even know about and, of course, won’t help us reach our goal. Therefore, we recommend, if that is what you are looking for, a homemade vegetable broth to lose weight, as we will show below. But why lose weight?

  • Vegetables give us a lot of fiber
  • Gives us a great feeling of satiety, which makes us eat up to 20% less than we would normally
  • It is diuretic
  • Helps clear stomach
  • Regulates intestinal transit

Thanks to all these properties that have their ingredients, these homemade weight-loss vegetable soups cost us less effort than with other more drastic diets.

Vegetable Broth Recipe To Lose 9kg In 15 Days:

To make our own homemade vegetable soup, we can choose the vegetables we like best. But in this recipe we try to choose vegetables that provide us with tangible benefits that help us lose weight, although any homemade vegetable broth is good and healthy for our diet. Here is what each vegetable would bring to our broth so you can choose. If we use them all, we will have a more complete vegetable soup.


Lettuce: It’s a diuretic

Zucchini: Does not add calories and is very satiety

Leek: They are purifying

Celery: Provides Fiber and Regulates Intestinal Transit

Carrots: stabilizes free radicals

Cabbage: Improves Constipation

Thyme and Laurel: Helps to expel gases, reducing the feeling of bloating and good digestion

Turnip: Helps eliminate toxins and prevent fluid retention

Method of preparation:

Cut 40 grams of carrot, 40 zucchini, 40 turnips, 40 grams of leek and half lettuce and wash all vegetables

We put them all in a bowl full of water and added a pinch of thyme and bay leaf

Cover and cook for 40 minutes. If the water evaporates, we will add

After we cook the vegetables, we will have our vegetable stock ready to eat.

You’ll have a delicious, very healthy and effective weight loss soup, but it’s good to have different vegetable soup recipes so you don’t get bored soon and leave our diet early. Then you can change the ingredients of your soup. An example of another weight loss soup is this delicious recipe for onion purification soup.


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When to take:

Ideally, take this vegetable soup every night for 15 days as a main course. But by itself it is not miraculous; therefore, we will have to accompany our meals with other healthy foods. Simply following a balanced diet is best for the effects of this broth to help us lose weight.

Vegetable Broth Recipe To Lose 9kg In 15 Days!

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