Vaginismus – What It Is, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments


Vaginismus – What is, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments of this condition. In addition, Vaginismus  is a unique condition that may result from a combination of both physical and nonphysical causes, or may have no discernible cause.

Many women  are caught off guard by Vaginismus ; Unexplained contractions, discomfort, pain,  and penetration problems are unexpectedly experienced during attempts at intercourse.

The pain  results from the contraction of the muscles around the vagina (PC muscles). Since this occurs without the conscious intention or control of the woman, it can be very perplexing.

Women’s health is both delicate and difficult to deal with. Because it is a type of person who has the most important reproductive function and several social factors that can corroborate for certain diseases to appear, talking about women’s health even today can be complicated.

Of course, we cannot say that medical treatment with women  is the same as 40 or 50 years ago, but that does not mean that some factors still contribute to diseases such as Vaginismus .

What is Vaginismus?

The Vaginismus is a disorder of female sexuality, extremely rare, that can get to completely prevent intercourse.

It is described as a psychophysiological syndrome that presents as a fundamental characteristic involuntary, recurrent or persistent contraction of the perineum muscles adjacent to the lower third of the vagina , when attempted, predicted or imagined vaginal penetration  with penis , finger, tampon or speculum.

Causes of Vaginismus:

It is important to differentiate Vaginismus from other pains that may occur before, during or after sexual intercourse, called dyspareunias. There are numerous causes of dyspareunias, such as infections, atrophy, malformations, lack of lubrication, urinary, intestinal and gynecological problems.

The vaginismus can be one of the diagnoses as often occurs overlap between them. The problem can be divided according to the time of onset, primary when it occurs from the beginning of sexual life and secondary when it occurs after a period of normal intercourse.

The causes of Vaginismus are not yet well known, probably multifactorial. The Vaginismus primary is more related to a psychosomatic mechanism and the annex to experience a negative real or imaginary.

Regardless of the cause, it works as a cycle: fear of pain , anxiety, contraction and pain . Because it is multifactorial, it is impossible to focus only on psychological or only organic causes.

Vaginismus Symptoms:

Feeling pain  during sex is usually one of the first signs of Vaginismus . This pain  occurs in most cases only with penetration. It usually fades after penis removal , but not always.

The women  suffering from this disorder  describe the pain  as a feeling of rasgação or else the feeling that the penis  is “banging against a wall.”

Many women also experience discomfort when inserting tampons or during an internal exam.

Check out a list of the main symptoms of vaginismus :

Burning or throbbing with narrowing of the vaginal opening  during sex.

Hard or impossible penetration.

pain  at the vaginal entrance .

Uncomfortable insertion of the penis .

Frequent sexual discomfort or pain  after childbirth.

Involuntary spasms in other muscle groups (legs, lower back, etc.).

Hold your breath involuntarily during penetration.

Avoid sex due to pain  and / or failure.

Diagnosis of Vaginismus:

The doctor checks if it is really a case of Vaginismus by examining the patient. Different holdings can eliminate other diseases such as infections and frigidity. Unlike frigidity, with this condition the woman still has orgasm during clitoral arousal.

The health professional also tries to search for various information that may explain the origin of the disease. He may request information about the patient, his partner or their families.

Treatments For Vaginismus:

The cycle of pain  caused by Vaginismus tends to worsen over time, and medical treatment is needed to remedy the situation. As this is a spontaneous dysfunction , the woman usually cannot solve the problem alone just because she wants to.

Vaginismus treatment is usually successful and results in complete recovery of the patient. The technique is not invasive, so it will not be necessary to perform surgical procedure, hypnosis or any complex method.

The treatment consists of:

Pelvic floor control exercises,

Insertion or dilation exercises ;

Methods to eliminate pain ;

Exercises to express feelings and solve emotional problems;

The treatment process usually allows the patient to complete the execution at home, so she can do the exercises on her own time and have the privacy to do so.

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