Use this Japanese Mask 1 Times a Week and See What it Does!


Use this Japanese Mask 1 times a week and see what it does . In addition, having beautiful, radiant and smooth skin sounds like a dream, but even if you do not believe it, we can make our face lessen the spots and have more elasticity, thus avoiding wrinkles.

We just need an efficient and easy remedy. Today we will show you a natural, simple and economical mask option for you to wear and look 10 years younger. This Japanese Rice Mask , when used correctly, in a few weeks you may already notice the results.

This mask provides several benefits, including: cleanses the skin, leaves the skin soft and smooth and removes face stains, this is because rice contains a large percentage of antioxidants, which come from the linoleic acids that stimulate the production of collagen.

Japanese Mask Recipe:

In addition to appreciating the antioxidant properties of this Japanese Mask , your skin will become more moisturized while reducing inflamed areas of the face such as dark circles and pimples. And as if that were not enough, this mask corrects the harmful effects of the sun.

1 glass of water;
1 tablespoon honey;
3 tablespoons rice;
1 tablespoon of milk.


In a container with water, you put the rice and leave it boiling for 3 minutes over low heat;
Then strain the mixture into another container;
Then add the heated milk and honey in the cooked rice, mix well until a completely smooth paste;
When it is ready, pass all over the face with circular movements;
Leave the mask on your face for 15 minutes, then wash with the rice water you used.
Use this Japanese Mask only once a week. The main source of aging is the lack of water in your body, always remember to take two liters of water a day and use moisturizers throughout the skin.

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