Unusual Talent: A 12-year-old Boy Teaches Crochet on the Internet

Unusual Talent - A 12-year-old Boy Teaches Crochet on the Internet

Unusual Talent: Despite the criticism, he is very proud of his talent

In today’s age, life is extremely hectic and digital. Few people today can find the time to participate in a hobby or manual activity that requires attention and concentration. The crochet, which has been passed down from generation to generation for many years, has gradually lost ground in such an accelerated society.

The young Junior Silva, only 12 years old, was watching his grandmother and aunt, and that’s how he learned to manipulate the needles and create fabulous pieces. The child’s talent was born and he decided to share it with people by creating an internet channel where he publishes his videos and broadcasts live answering the questions of his subscribers.

12-year-old boy teaches crochet to the world

Despite living in the small town of Iaras, in the interior of the state of Sao Paulo, Junior has been teaching crocheting to people from all over the world in his channel. In addition to Brazil, it receives questions and comments from countries such as Spain and Chile.

So much success guaranteed fame in Iaras. But his mother, Denise Vieira Marcolino, says that the boy has a routine like any other 12-year-old boy who divides his life between school, friends, play and, of course, videos. But not only praise is made history. Also according to Denise, the little Junior has to deal with negative comments that say the crochet is not a “children’s thing.”

Despite the prejudices, the mother and the child can abstract themselves from the comments and spread the message that this history of activities does not exist only for boys and girls. The important thing is to focus on Junior’s talent and the good he does in teaching a new activity to thousands of people.

Unusual Talent_ A 12-year-old Boy Teaches Crochet on the Internet

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