How to Unclog Arteries Naturally with 5 Recipes


Learn how to improve blood circulation in your arteries with a natural recipe

Learn how to unclog arteries naturally with products that you probably have at home. These will help you speed up the treatment or prevent you from having health problems.

Natural medicine can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and there are many benefits to having free and unobstructed arteries:

  • Eliminates toxins from the blood
  • Eliminates cholesterol deposits from arteries
  • It improves brain flow, making the mind more active
  • Accelerates metabolism, favoring weight loss
  • Strengthens the walls of the arteries
  • It has antioxidant power: it helps regenerate the body’s cells

Despite the benefits of uncovering arteries naturally, no prescription should replace allopathic treatment unless directed by your doctor. Therefore, always keep him informed and ask him if the natural treatment is appropriate for you before starting it.

5 Ways to unclog arteries naturally

Learn about natural, economic and easy to prepare recipes to clean arteries and make your body healthier and more vital:

1. Garlic and lemon

Did you know that garlic and lemon can unclog arteries naturally and help reduce bad cholesterol by effectively detoxifying your body?


Garlic: ¼ cup (chopped);

Onion: ¼ cup (chopped);

Ginger: ¼ cup (grated);

Turmeric: 2 tablespoons;

Apple cider vinegar: 700 ml. (preferably organic)

Radish: 2 tablespoons grated;

Black pepper: 1 pinch (preferably ground at the time).

Preparation Mode:

  1. Put together all the ingredients in a bowl except vinegar and mix well.
  2. Transfer this mixture to a sterilized glass container.
  3. Add the vinegar, taking into account that it should occupy the only ⅓ of the container.
  4. Close and shake well to mix the vinegar with the dry ingredients.
  5. Store in a cool place, out of contact with the sun, for 2 weeks.
  6. Remember to shake the container several times a day during this time.
  7. After two weeks, pass the mixture through a sieve to strain all the liquid into another pot, previously cleaned.
  8. Store in a cool place.

How to drink

  1. Start with just 1 small teaspoon: at first, your body will miss the taste so strong. Therefore, it is important to start with smaller doses.
  2. If you find it too spicy, try taking the dose with orange to reduce this discomfort.
  3. As the days go by, the size of the spoon you use to take the tonic increases. Try to get 6 tablespoons a day, divided into 3 times 2 tablespoons.

Important: This treatment should not replace an appointment with the doctor and is not intended for pregnant women or children.

2. Green tea

Rich in antioxidants, green tea helps uncover arteries, improve wall flexibility and reduce bad cholesterol by inhibiting clotting:


Green tea leaves: 2 tablespoons;

Water: 300 ml .;

Lemon: 1 unit (squeezed);

Honey: to taste.

Preparation Mode:

  1. Boil the water and add the green tea leaves.
  2. As soon as it boils, turn off and cover the pot.
  3. When the warm, strain and add honey and lemon.

3. Garlic, honey and lemon syrup

It only takes three tablespoons a day of this garlic syrup to unclog the arteries and leave them protected. It can be consumed pure, diluted with water or in juices:


Honey: 250 grams;

Lemons: 4 units (squeezed);

Garlic: 4 cloves chopped and crushed.

Preparation Mode:

  1. Mix the honey and garlic and leave them for 3 days. The pot should be closed, out of the fridge, in a cool, dark place.
  2. After this period, add the lemon juice and take 3 tablespoons a day.
  3. Store in the fridge.

4. Garlic oat milk

The oatmeal is excellent for cholesterol to unclog arteries. Your daily intake will help promote your health.


Hot water: 1 glass;

Fine and integral oat flakes: 4 tablespoons;

Garlic: 1 small tooth;

Honey: to taste.

Preparation Mode:

  1. Beat the ingredients in a blender.
  2. Strap on a cotton cloth or coffee strainer.
  3. Take half in the morning and the other at the end of the day.

5. Pomegranate juice with apple and lemon

Antioxidants and pectin are the main properties of this powerful natural remedy to unclog arteries. Not to mention the purifying power of lemon. Just drink 1 glass a day on an empty stomach:


Granada: 1 unit;

Apple: 1 unit;

Lemon: 1 unit (squeezed);

Water: 200 ml .;

Honey: to taste;

Preparation Mode:

  1. Remove the seeds from the pomegranate and place them in a ziplock bag or similar.
  2. Knead well until the juice is removed from the seeds, strain and place in the blender.
  3. Add the peeled apple, water and honey.
  4. Beat a lot and finally add the squeezed lemon juice.
  5. Cuela and baby.

Keep in mind that these natural remedies to unclog arteries should be consumed with medical guidance or from a trusted dietitian since each body has its own specific needs.

Having a balanced diet and physical activity is essential to help the cardiovascular system, including arteries. Then look for activities that are right for you and that lead you to have a healthier life.

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