Treatment of Castor Oil and Aloe Vera to Lighten Stretch Marks!


Treatment of castor oil and Aloe Vera to lighten stretch marks. In addition, stretch marks are something natural. As such, the vast majority of women (and some men) have them. However, we often want to lighten the stretch marks so they are less noticeable and look better.

Not all women have the same brands. Some are red, some are directly white. Sometimes some women also have some superficial marks; on the other hand, others have them as furrows, as if their skin were broken.

Regardless of the type of stretch marks we have, there are two natural treatments that can help us to clarify them so that they feel much better with our body. It is important to mention that these remedies, moreover, can help prevent and lighten stretch marks .

Treatment of Castor oil:

One of the first natural remedies to Lighten Stretch Marks is to use castor oil . In fact, it is used for many other purposes such as attenuating wrinkles, blemishes we may have on the skin or to deal with the terrible pimples that can sometimes come off.

The way to use this treatment is very simple. We just have to get a pot of castor oil  we can find at any herbalist. It is important to be as natural as possible so that we can achieve the desired results.

How to use:

What we are going to do is to put some oil in our hands and we will warm it before applying it in the area where it has the marks;

Let’s perform a gentle and slow massage for about 5 or 10 minutes. So let’s wrap the area with a thin cloth, better if it’s cotton;

To improve the effects, we can apply a little heat above, for example with a hot water bag;

This we should do at least about 3 times a week for a month to begin to see the effects.

Treatment of Castor Oil and Aloe Vera to Lighten Stretch Marks

Aloe Vera Treatment:

Aloe vera is also very good at lightening the stretch marks . For this treatment to have the desired effect, the ideal is that we have an aloe vera factory that we can turn to.

How to use:

We just have to cut a sheet and extract the gel inside it;

Once we have it, we will apply in the area where we have the marks and let us act for a minimum of 15 minutes;

Then we will remove it with warm water;

There are other types of options. For example, we can wrap the area with a thin cotton cloth, just like we did with the previous treatment. This will increase the effects of aloe vera as well as allowing it to stay on the skin for much longer.

In case the skin does not absorb the product well, we can give a gentle massage until its complete absorption. In this way, this will allow us to take full advantage of the benefits of aloe vera .

If we do not have the possibility of having an aloe vera plant or can not resort to it in any way, there are 100% natural gels that can also serve us. Not ideal, but it might be worth it.

Advice On Using These Treatments:

In order for our goal of Lightening Stretch Marks to be successful, we must start from now on to apply some of the treatments mentioned. The earlier we start, the better, because the results will take a long time to manifest.

Therefore, it is important that we persevere with the applications. It will be of little use to apply castor oil  or aloe vera today, if by the next week or two weeks later we will not remember to use it again. Like any cream or treatment, no evidence will yield results.

The positive of these two treatments is that they are completely natural. This will avoid allergic reactions and great costs, as this type of medicine is much cheaper than if we bought a specific cream to lighten the stretch marks .

Have you ever used castor oil or aloe vera for anything? How do you deal with  Lightening Stretch Marks ? We encourage you to try the natural remedies mentioned, because the results they will give you will surprise you.

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