Top 10 Recipes for Treating Warts


The Homemade Recipes for Treating Warts. effectively and naturally. In addition, warts are small growths on the skin, which are usually not painful. Caused by viruses, warts are almost always harmless and can disappear on their own. They can arise anywhere on the body and can be of various types as well. So check out The 10 Homemade Recipes for Treating Warts:

1. Hot Water To Fight Warts:

One study has shown that leaving warts  to soak in very hot water is helpful, as hot water softens the wart and can kill the virus. Just make sure the water is not so hot as to cause burns.

2. Castor Oil To Treat Warts:

Rub the affected part of your body daily using castor oil . This may take a few weeks to a month for the results to appear, but this will be able to safely remove the Warts  , and if you combine with the application of a Wart  dressing will have a better effect.

3. Garlic To Cure Warts:

Peel and knead a clove of garlic  and rub it on the parts of the body affected by Warts . You can also consume orally to achieve results. Of course, you can smell like an Italian kitchen, but it will be worth it. In a few weeks you will see results. If you do not want to be garlic- scented , eat some parsley leaves, this will help refresh your breath and remove the taste of garlic  from your mouth.


4. Apple Vinegar To Treat Warts:

The acid content of apple cider vinegar is what eliminates warts . Dip a cotton ball in the vinegar and hold in place with a bandage. Keep it overnight, then discard the cotton. Do this every night and you will see results about a week later.

5. Aloe Vera Juice To Remove Warts:

Consuming Aloe juice will strengthen your immune system and fight the virus that causes Warts . You can also apply the juice directly on the Warts if you want. However, if you use traditional Aloe vera , try to get the true gel from the leaves. These are the most effective remedies for wart removal .

6. Raw Potatoes To Cure Warts:

Take a slice of raw peeled sweet potatoes and rub heavily on the warts . Do this a few times every day and you will see your minor Warts  in a few weeks.

7. Banana Peel To Treat Warts:

Rub the Wart  with a banana peel every day. In addition, you can also put the skin  directly on the Wart  and keep it secure with a bandage. This home remedy can take weeks, so be patient. However, it is the best remedy to get rid of warts  without having to go to a doctor.

8. Vitamin C To Cure Warts:

Make a paste of vitamin C tablets with a little water. It is necessary to crush the tablets first. Apply the paste over the Wart,  and then use a masking tape to cover the affected area. The vitamin C content is nothing more than ascorbic acid, acids help to eliminate the virus and make the wart  smaller, until it falls or disappears. Use this medicine until you see the results.

9. Powder Yeast To Cure Warts:

Make a paste of baking powder with a little castor oil . Apply this paste on the Warts  and put a bandage on top. Hold on all night. Remove the dressing the next morning and repeat the process until the Warts disappear.

10. Sodium Bicarbonate To Cure Warts:

Dissolve some baking soda in the water and then it will absorb the affected hand or foot, leave it for about 30 minutes. Do not wipe your hand or foot. Instead, let it dry. Repeat this remedy until the wart  disappears.

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