This is a Delicious Juice to Deflate the Tummy and End Irritating Gases!


The natural recipe to deflate the belly and end gas is very simple. In addition, abdominal bloating can affect all of us, men, women, children, whether we have difficulty with weight or are happy with our bodies. We all know how much the symptoms of bloating can sabotage your plans and mood like no other.

But the question is: Deflate the Belly and End Gas? What do you do when you should be somewhere, wearing something (you know, pants with that button, your little black dress, maybe even a bathing suit), and suddenly your stomach  looks and feels like you swallowed a basketball? Not only is it uncomfortable (and painful), but it can also be a sign of inflammation. see below the main Causes of Swollen Tummy:

Causes of Swollen Tummy:

The swelling in the belly can be caused by several things, including:

Bad eating habits, like eating too fast

Carbonated beverages

Some gassy foods (onions, garlic, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, vegetables etc. can have unpleasant consequences)


The dehydration is not always the cause of stomach bloating. But keep in mind that more than 50% of our body is composed of water. For many years, many people may have inflamed gas and abdomen before or after consuming any food, the problem is that this has become more and more normal as time goes by and it is due to the amount of fat we consume daily.

The ideal is to eat healthy and avoid these types of situations that, although they can be combated with drugs, should be prevented. This rich juice is prepared with celery , lemon , cucumber and watermelon . All of these ingredients are very easy to find and are not expensive.

In addition, they can be presumed as great allies for general health, but are also used by many people for their medicinal components that make us lose weight and provide enough energy to exercise and tone the body. So now check out the Natural Recipe to Deflate the Belly and End Gas:

Natural Recipe to Deflate the Belly and End Gas:


½ watermelon

2 liters of water

1 lemon

1 cucumber

1 whole bunch of celery


Peel the cucumber  and thoroughly wash the celery , then you will cut all the ingredients into small pieces, including the watermelon , just make sure to remove your seeds. When you have the ingredients ready, put all those pieces of fruit and vegetables in your blender and let them beat until you get a fairly homogenous liquid substance , pour the juice into a jar and refrigerate.

You should ingest this Natural Recipe to Deflate the Belly and End Gases before and after each meal, so that your stomach assimilates all its properties and gradually stops inflaming or producing these irritating gases. In general, the treatment lasts for 2 to 3 weeks.

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