This Homemade Shampoo Is Causing Sensation Everywhere, Leaves Hair Straight, Grows Faster and Does not Fall More!


Homemade Recipe To Strengthen Hair quickly and effectively. In addition, hair loss has become very common in modern women for a few years, this is because they may not have a proper diet or simply use many chemicals in their hair, both to achieve hair straightening or whitening with aesthetic products which, in the long run, only damage hair.

Now, the  home recipe to strengthen the hair have the perfect effect on the hair, as they repair the damage and make the hair totally beautiful. Use baking soda to get straight, dandruff-free hair and completely strong.

To use baking soda in your hair, you should follow a series of steps to ensure you the results in a quick way with no side effects so you can forget the hair burned by the iron or dye. In addition we will provide the recipe for a powerful conditioner to work in conjunction with the shampoo. Follow the instructions below.

Homemade Recipe To Strengthen Hair:

Ingredients For Shampoo:

3 tablespoons of baking soda (one if you have short hair).

3 cups warm water (one if you have short hair).

1 plastic container to pour the mixture.

Components to Make the Conditioner:

1 glass of apple cider vinegar .

1 glass of water.

1 plastic bottle to store the recipe.

Method of preparation:

Mix the baking soda with water and beat the mixture well, likewise, repeat the action with the apple cider vinegar to the conditioner.

Then pour a sizable amount of the baking soda shampoo into your hair.

Try to massage the scalp well so that the properties of both components penetrate the skin.

After a few minutes, remove the homemade recipe to strengthen the hair with plenty of warm water and apply a little of the conditioner, letting it act for 10 minutes and then remove the medicine with plenty of water.

You do not need to mix the ingredients with your normal shampoo, because by itself, baking soda with water acts to clean hair, more effectively than an average cosmetic product.

This  homemade recipe to strengthen the hair  does not produce much foam, so do not worry if you notice the absence of it. On the other hand, it is completely normal to feel harsh hair after applying the remedy, which is why we recommend the apple vinegar conditioner because it will restore the smoothness of your hair.

Properties of Sodium Bicarbonate and Apple Vinegar:

The use of baking soda in the hair is special due to the thorough cleaning done on it as it eliminates excessive fats, dandruff and repairs damaged areas of the wires. Now, apple cider vinegar is responsible for returning the sheen, softness and special nutrients that hair needs to stay completely healthy.

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