This Cinnamon Water Recipe is the Solution to Burn Fat and Lose Weight!


Homemade Recipe To Burn Fat and Lose Weight you possibly do not know. In addition, although many people have in mind the goal of Losing Weight , we know that not everyone has the same metabolism. For some individuals, losing weight is very simple, but for others it is not.

If you are going to use a diet, make sure it is the right one for you and for that you should go to a nutritionist. In addition, the  Home Recipe to Burn Fat and Lose Weight  will become ideal if you have a good exercise routine and as an extra bonus, you can use a natural remedy to stimulate the body detox. For example, an infusion of cinnamon, apple and lemon.

These ingredients are endowed with many medicinal properties and antioxidants that can stimulate weight loss and detoxification of the body at night. Losing weight is not easy, you have to be constant and have a positive mind all the time, so feed yourself well, exercise and drink this drink. Now, check out how to make the fat burner:

Homemade Recipe To Burn Fat And Lose Weight:


2 apples ;

1 lemon ;

2 large pieces of cinnamon ;

1 liter of water .


Wash apples well and cut into thin slices. Now, squeeze the lemon into a glass container with a quart of water . Finally, add apples and cinnamon , beat well and store in your refrigerator to ferment overnight.

It should be consumed every day before and after each meal, also 5 minutes before going to bed. Individuals usually consume it coldly, but if you want to warm up and drink like tea, that’s okay. Just do not get sick, use it as you were prepared.

Benefits of this Body Drink:

This Makes You Lose Weight:

The antioxidants improve the functioning of the liver , which is an essential organ for burning fat. Likewise, every food rich in antioxidants and low in fat is perfect for these special occasions.

If you suffer from blood sugar changes , it is important that you consume this medicine because you can manage those levels and control or prevent diabetes . In turn, it regulates cholesterol triglycerides and improves blood circulation.

It is Anti-inflammatory:

This quality is spectacular for your body because it reduces the chances of you having fluid retention and by lowering inflammation of the body and organs, the pain you may have will also disappear.

Eradicates Facial Imperfections:

Containing antioxidants , minerals and fibers, the skin is greatly benefited as these properties eliminate the free radicals that cause blemishes, wrinkles and acne on the skin and throughout the body. It does not matter if you ingest the drink or if you apply it directly to your skin , the truth is that the dermis will change for the better and it will become smooth and healthy.

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