These are the 3 Effective Ways to Treat Unwanted Joanetes in Surgery!


The Effective Ways to Treat Joanetes simply and without spending too much on it. Also, to  treat bunions  you do not need to pay for many expensive treatments as we have brought some home-made tips so you can do it from the comfort of your home. Bone deformations originate for different reasons, usually due to congenital problems or degenerative diseases rather serious.

The bunions , for example, in women appear the kind of shoes they wear, but in general, the finger deformation is normal after 40 years. Doctors recommend a number of special medications to treat this aesthetic condition, however we recommend these 3 Effective Ways to Treat the Joanetes  you can perform in the comfort of your home. Check out how to  treat bunions:

Iodine and Aspirin Ointment:

You will need to take 6 aspirin tablets , crush them and mix them with 12 ml of iodine to treat the bunions . Try to beat the mixture well so that it is even and you can apply without problems. It is advisable to give this remedy to treat bunions  at night before going to sleep and perform gentle massages, remember that when you put too much pressure on the bunion, it can cause a very sharp pain.

Follow this treatment for  bunions  for as long as you want, what is sought is improvement and if you feel that the pain dissipates and the shape of the finger returns to normal, continue to use.

Blondie and Absolute Alcohol Folder:

To prepare this remedy for treating bunions , you will need a little patience because you have to pick up a handful of bay leaves and place them in a glass container, then add the absolute alcohol until they are completely covered and leave the marinade mixture for a week in a dry, dark place.

After that time, you will pick up the bay leaves will crush manually or with batter with a blender, leaving in the form of a creamy paste that can be applied to the bunion every night to manage to treat the bunions . You will feel the improvement instantly because with the help of alcohol the pain will diminish until it disappears and on the other hand, the growth of the bunion will stop little by little if you repeat this action normally.

Iodine and Lemon:

Mix the juice of a lemon with a small solution of iodine to treat the bunions , apply it on the bunion and let it act for about 30 minutes. You need to do this twice a day for the effects to be optimal.

Other Tips to Treat the Joanetes:

Change your shoes and try to get barefoot: the use of heels is the main reason for the appearance of bunions , ideally to wear shoes a little lower and comfortable. Likewise, walking barefoot in your home will stimulate circulation and strengthen the affected joint.

Perform constant massages to  treat bunions and exercises: massages not only relieve the pain you may feel but also improve circulation. You can spread coconut or almond oil for better effects. Similarly, doing exercises helps a lot to feel relief and helps to treat the bunions  mainly stop the growth of them.

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