The Tuna Diet to Lose Weight in 3 Days


Discover what steps you must follow to lose weight with this diet

Depending on the nutritionist, endocrine or doctor you go, each one can provide you with some guidelines so you can lose weight according to your criteria. Also, this will take into account your clinical picture and the physical activity you do. Since there are many diets, one that can help you lose weight in a short time is presented. This is none other than the tuna regime.

How the tuna regime works to lose weight

Tuna is one of the fish that is most recommended to eat due to the nutritional properties it contains and all the benefits it brings to the body. In the case of diets, their nutrients really help you lose weight as in the case of the tuna regimen.

In Medical Daily they have explained that the diet should be followed for “three days.” In these days people who are doing the regime can only “consume water and tuna.”

After these three days, you have to gradually introduce foods that are “low fat, low carb and high protein in your diet for as long as you want.”

However, when it comes to nutrients, it must be very strict after the “three days of fasting. This includes 30 percent fat and carbohydrates and 40 percent protein. ”

The original version

David Draper was the person who devised the tuna regime. According to the bodybuilder, tuna must be prepared “without oil, without mayonnaise and without spices.” The amount of tuna should be 1.5 grams of protein in relation to one pound of the person’s body weight.

It should be noted that it is essential to drink two liters of water when you are carrying out the regime. Also, this should be accompanied by vitamin and mineral supplements. This will cause the body not to notice the nutrient deficit.

After dieting 3 days of tuna, it is advisable to eat vegetables, chicken, fruits that do not contain starch and foods that are low in fat.

Learn why the most consumed tuna cans in Mexico have a lot of soy.

Final tip:

Before performing this diet, consult a doctor if in your case it is advisable to do this regimen. Keep in mind that each person’s health conditions are different. Also, that the data exposed on this site never replace the opinion of a professional.

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