The Top Stories to Handle Influenza!


Top Stories to Handle Influenza. In addition, during the colder seasons of the year that are winter and fall, nothing better than taking a hot broth to warm the body and the spirit. Even more so if you are suffering from colds and flu , so common at this time of year.

All homemade broths for Dealing with Influenza , be they vegetable or protein, are very nutritious and effective. Depending of course, its ingredients. In memory of the people is engraved the photo of your grandmother or even your mother offering that traditional hot soup to cure any kind of illness.

So your potential benefits are really effective. It is necessary to avoid adding too much salt to your broth. Soon after, we’ll see the two most common broth recipes for Flu Dealing . The broth of chicken and also the vegetable broth .

The Virtues of a Good Broth to Deal with the Flu:
Whether people are sick or just suspect a flu or cold, the hot broth to Deal with the Flu brings several benefits to the body. There are several reasons for all this:

The fluids in your body are replenished;
Its consumption is very easy in the case of inappetence;
It is very nutritious and also tasty;
It is a dish with natural ingredients;
It also gives a boost to cure fast flu states ;
It brings comfort, and provides that feeling of well-being.

Broth Recipe with Chicken and Rice:

Among the hot broths for dealing with the most traditional flu offered, the chicken broth is most often found. In this recipe, the rice is added, to give a little more consistency to the broth. This recipe was prepared to yield six servings:


12 cups water (3 liters);
2 pieces of boneless chicken (500 g);
2 potatoes;
1 cup cooked white rice (150 g);
2 garlic cloves;
1 onion ;
A green pepper;
1 leek;
Chives or parsley ;
1 teaspoon soup chopped coriander 815 g);
Salt to taste).
Method of preparation:

In a large saucepan, boil all portions of chicken for about 10 minutes;
Remove the peel and cut the potato into a two-inch cube;
Add water to cook together for another five minutes;
Chop the onions, the pepper and all the white part of the garlic ;
Crush the clove of garlic a little, and add to the broth and cook for another five minutes;
Take the protein pieces out of the water, shred the chicken and throw away the bones;
Add shredded chicken , rice, coriander and salt to stock;
Boil for another five minutes and serve.

Broth Recipe with Vegetables:

If you do not like or do not want to put protein in your broth to deal with the Flu , this choice of vegetable soup is equally necessary and effective in dealing with the Flu . The dish is delicious and can also yield six people:


16 cups water (4 liters);
2 chopped onions;
1 clove of chopped celery;
2 carrots, peeled and cut into cubes;
1 broccoli cut into small pieces;
3 cloves of garlic squeezed;
1 spoon chopped parsley (15 g);
1 teaspoon soup chopped coriander (15 g);
3 tablespoons soup of olive oil (45 ml);
1 bay leaf;
Salt to taste).

Method of preparation:

Put a sliver of olive oil in a pan and fry the onion , celery, carrot, garlic and bay leaf;
Add the broccoli , stir and add the water;
Boil all this broth about half an hour;
Add toas the herbs the coriander and parsley , salt and soon after extinguishing the fire;
Take the bay leaf;
If you want the broth without vegetable pieces and a little thicker, there is an option to crush the liquid with the onion , celery and the carrot;
Let it rest for a while before serving.

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