The Best Foot Call Remedy: Onion and White Vinegar!


The best remedy for the calluses of the feet: Onion and white vinegar. Also, did you know that the best remedy for calluses is onion and white vinegar? The toes of the feet  usually arise due to friction and the use of inappropriate footwear. Also, if we are too long, they are likely to show up and cause us some problems.

Some calluses can be painful. So now that in many countries we are in the summer, we must try to keep our feet as fresh as possible. For this, there are espadrilles and walking on the barefoot beach can also do us very well.

However, there are some calluses of the feet  that can be very resistant, but there are natural remedies to eliminate them. One such treatment is what we will see next and you only need two ingredients: onion and white vinegar.

Foot Call Remedy:

Of course, if we go to the kitchen, we find onions and vinegar easily. It is important that this last ingredient is white vinegar, so that the results are as expected. However, we will need some add-ons.


1 onion ;

½ cup white vinegar (100 ml);


Film or transparent paper;


Pumice stone;

Socks old.

As we can see, the ingredients are not hard to find. Let’s see, then, the steps we must follow without skipping any of them to begin to see the results.
The Best Foot Call Remedy

Method of preparation:

To work out our remedy for the calluses of their feet  we must have a clean container to put the white vinegar. In addition, it is necessary to wash the onion to eliminate any germ or bacteria. Then we will proceed as follows:

Let’s cut 3 slices of the onion and dip them into the container containing the white vinegar. Let’s keep them at least for a whole morning or afternoon. After this time, we will impregnate a cotton with the mixture and apply it in the area where the calluses are .

Then let’s cover your feet with the movie. Then we will put the socks to prevent the paper from moving or the mixture to be stained. Ideally, apply this mixture at night to go to sleep with it. The longer the callus  is in contact with this remedy, the better the results.

What Should Be Done Next?

The next morning, when we get up, we should wash our feet with soap and water. We will also use the pumice stone to gently scrape the calluses . These will soften and it will be easy for the foot to stay soft.

If our calluses are too deep or too difficult, they are likely not to be eliminated as quickly. Therefore, you will need to complete this entire process again until you achieve the desired results. In case they are incipient calluses , we must perform this remedy at least once or twice a month. This will prevent calluses from getting worse.

This remedy also prevents fungi:

In addition to preventing possible hardness or we already have worse, onion and white vinegar are essential to avoid the fungi of the feet. This is important if you usually go to the pool or gym, and sometimes forget to wear slippers when you enter the shower in this type of space.

Instead of opting for a product that we can buy in the market, we can use these two ingredients that we all have at home, which will mean a lower cost for our pocket. Moreover, the best of all is that the preparation of this remedy for the calluses of the feet , as we have seen, is very simple.

If we have hardnesses that are very difficult to eliminate, it is necessary that the medicine we prepare be used more frequently. It is recommended to do it at least twice a week, at least.

What Do You Use To Handle Calluses?

We recommend that you try this natural remedy, but you must persevere for results. For at least 1 month, try using this treatment as often as you deem necessary, depending on the condition of your feet. You will see how they improve you will have them much softer and less hard.

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