The 8 Home Remedies To Treat Earache


Home Remedies for Earaches are a natural way to help you eliminate this Problem. In addition, to relieve earache at home, what you can do is cover the area with a heated cloth because the heat will make a vasodilation, relieving the pain.

Already the habit of putting hot oil or any other solution, which is not indicated by an otolaryngologist, should not be done as it can worsen the pain or cause burns. It is essential to resort to non-invasive methods that do not jeopardize our hearing or harm us in any way.

When it is suspected that the cause of ear pain is the presence of water inside the auricle, what can be done is to turn the neck to the side where the ear hurts, and to make a few leaps on one foot, with the head still hanging to the side for the water to come out and the ear pain to pass. So, check out now The 8 Home Remedies To Treat Earache :

1. Olive Oil:

The olive oil will alleviate earaches, it will act as a natural lubricant. This will cause any form of  existing infection to be deleted from the region. If you are having tinnitus problems in the ear, olive oil is also a good tip.

2. Onion:

The onions  also acts towards Treat the ear pain , it has antibacterial and antiseptic effect. The use of onion  as a home remedy to treat the earache can be done in two ways.

Put a few drops of the juice of the onion  into the sore ear for a few seconds, and then afterwards it is necessary to tilt the head to make the liquid drain, chop a fresh onion  and place it on a clean cloth and cover the ear, o there for five minutes.

3. Glycerin:

Glycerin is a natural ingredient that helps soften the wax to facilitate its elimination. You can buy this product at the pharmacy and apply 4 drops, 3 times a day, to get good results.

4. Vinegar and Alcohol Solution:

Mix equal parts of white vinegar and alcohol in a container. Wet a cotton in the formed mixture and apply a few drops directly inside the ear.

5. Garlic:

Just as the olive oil and the onion , garlic can treat the earache  course, especially if your problem is some infection . An example of homemade recipe is to crush a head of garlic and put in a spoon, filling with olive oil.

Then heat this spoon on the stove and take a cotton swab, moistening it with the solution. Remember to squeeze very well, and ensuring that it is still warm, place the cotton inside the ear without pressure, leaving it covered.

6. Ginger:

The Ginger has anti-inflammatory property, which may help treat for Treating the ear pain . Take the ginger juice and put it on the infected ear, gradually the pain will decrease.

Another recipe is to mix a teaspoon of grated Ginger , next to two tablespoons of olive oil. Wait five to ten minutes after the procedure, put a few drops of the oil on the infected ear.

7. Basil:

It has analgesic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so basil is considered a great home remedy to relieve pain. Knead the leaves until the broth is obtained. Put three or four drops of the juice into the infected ear, repeat at least twice a day.

8. Bishop of Herb:

The herb bishop has antiseptic and antimicrobial property, which is great to treat  the earache . Mix one teaspoon of herb biscuit together with three teaspoons of sesame oil and heat until warm. Then put the condom in the infected ear and wait for relief.

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