The 6 Ways to Use Aloe Vera and Improve Your Health!


The Ways to Use Aloe Vera and Improve Your Health Simply. In addition, Aloe vera has many nutrients that help treat and fight various diseases. Aloe Vera is a millennial plant that came to be considered by many as a panacea. Popularly its properties and multiple benefits are known, which are marketed as beauty and body care products.

By including it in your daily diet, your benefits are appreciated. Aloe Vera contains 12 vitamins, 19 amino acids and 20 minerals that increase our body’s defenses. It is also rich in antioxidants , restores intestinal flora and cleanses the digestive tract.

Ways to Use Aloe Vera to Improve Your Health:

For topical use of Aloe Vera , it is enough to pass quickly under the water tap. You can leave small green scratches that adhere to the thick part of the sheet.

Keep in mind that these should be removed if you are going to use Aloe Vera for consumption. The green veins have a very bitter taste. See The 6 Ways to Use Aloe Vera and Improve Your Health:

1. Swelling in the Legs:

Local applications of Aloe Vera on sore legs and varicose veins improve swelling and pain considerably.

To use it, extract the gel from two leaves of Aloe Vera and put it in the refrigerator for a few hours. Rub the legs with the gel, in movements from bottom to top for 5 minutes. Remove the excess and let the rest dry on your legs. Repeat if necessary.

2. Constipation and Indigestion:

Our bad eating habits need alkaline inputs to normalize acid digestion and relieve intestinal constipation. Therefore, consuming Aloe Vera shakes helps to reduce these irritating symptoms.


1 cucumber (200 g);
1/2 teaspoon ginger (5 g);
3 sheets of Aloe Vera (600 g);
1 teaspoon parsley (5 g);
The juice of 1 lemon .


Extract the gel from the aloe vera leaves ;
Peel the cucumber ;
Put the cucumber with Aloe Vera , ginger and parsley in the blender;
Mix all ingredients for 5 minutes;
Put the mixture into a glass and add the lemon juice ;
Remove with a spoon and drink in a sip.
3. Infections in the Mouth:
People exposed to corticosteroids and other medications that suppress the immune system are prone to infections in the mouth caused by the fungus candida . Asthmatics often develop this condition because of prolonged use of their inhalers with these components.

To avoid it, extract the gel from a sheet of Aloe Vera and liquefy it with half a glass of water. Wash your mouth with this mixture once a day. It also works on healing of recurrent canker sores and reduction of dental plaque.

4. Acne:

The antiseptic and moisturizing properties of aloe vera are allied to skin care, especially in cases of acne . Cleanse your skin with mild soap. Cut a piece of Aloe Vera in half and knead the skin with the gelatinous part.

Do not expose yourself directly to the sun after applying Aloe Vera , especially if you put it on your face because the symptoms can worsen. This treatment regenerates the skin cells but you should have patience as the results are seen in the long run.

5. Allergies:

For skin conditions caused by allergies, it is recommended to apply Aloe Vera compresses . For this, liquefazer two leaves of Aloe Vera with everything and bark.

This mixture is wrapped in a cotton cloth and applied to the affected areas. It works immediately and provides great relief. This procedure is also effective in case of insect bites and burns.

6. Premature Aging:

The wrinkles caused by dehydration and dermal by prolonged exposure to the sun are usually alleviated considerably with aloe vera . The topical application of the gel promotes the production of collagen and renews the elasticity of the skin.

Apply the gel directly to the affected area and allow to dry. You need to have enough Aloe Vera for this type of treatment because the effects are observed after 90 days of continuous use.

Aloe vera has unique bioactive properties as long as it is consumed in its natural state. Commercial preparations usually have other additives, so we recommend having one or more aloe vera plants at home. Dare to use aloe vera and enjoy its benefits.

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