The 5 Professional Tips To Have A Straight Hair At Home!


The Professional Tips To have a Straight Hair at Home simply and naturally. In addition, these Tips for Having Straight Hair at Home  will be a good idea to make your hair smooth and shiny. While you fight against tangles and try to tame the friz, brushing regularly and using a billion different sera does not seem to do the trick. Having  straight hair can start to seem likely just in dreams. However, straight hair without tangles or friz is not unattainable.

There are two Tips to Have a Straight Hair at Home  the natural way, using certain ingredients, tips and tricks that promote the smoothness and the chemical way. While natural straightening is temporary, the effect it has on your hair  is more positive. The chemical straightening is permanent and lasts about four to eight months. But, it tends to have a detrimental effect on your hair if it is not treated properly.

While these methods are temporary, natural smoothing can improve hair health in the long run by making it smooth and shiny. So, check it out now The 5 Professional Tips To Have A Straight Hair At Home:

1. Wash With Cold Water:

One of the  Tips To have a Straight Hair at Home is to use cold water to rinse your hair as it will seal the top layer of your hair , making it smooth and shiny. Although the development of a cold water aversion during winters is completely normal, using warm or hot water will raise your cuticles and cause frizz in the hair.

If you can not stand the idea of ​​using cold water to bathe, wash only your hair. Hold a bucket of cold water near you and use a pitcher, lean forward and start spilling water through your hair . Wash hair , condition and wash hair that way.

2. Aloe Vera Gel:

You would be surprised to learn that the slug is a source of 75 known nutrients. It contains enzymes that lead to healthy hair growth and make it soft and smooth. Aloe vera gel is one of the Tips to have a Straight Hair at Home,  as it has the same chemical composition as keratin the protein that makes up the vast majority of our hair. Thus, the gel easily penetrates the hair strands and provides the necessary hydration.


Stem of aloe vera .


Cut a few pieces of the aloe vera stem to extract the fresh gel.

Dilute with water and apply to hair.

Let rest for 30 minutes and then wash with a mild shampoo.

3. Egg:

One of the Top Tips for Having a Straight Hair at Home  is the egg. You should be familiar with the wonders of eggs . If your hair is dry and damaged, or oily and soft, the egg hair pack is the instant solution for everything. It contains a high concentration of protein and nutrients, which help make your hair shiny and bouncy. Here’s how you can use the eggs to make your hair smooth:


1 egg ;

1 teaspoon of honey;

1 teaspoon cream;

1 teaspoon of olive oil .


Beat an egg in a small bowl and add a teaspoon of honey, cream and olive oil .

Mix well to form a smooth paste and apply on all hair.

Leave on until dry. Wash it with cold water and shampoo as usual.

4. Bananas:

The banana  is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, natural oils and potassium. It is a well-known antioxidant that helps fight free radicals. Using banana  in a pack of hair will make your hair feel nourished and hydrated. Reduces frizz and soothes irritated scalp with regular use. The Benefits of Banana  To Have a Straight Hair at Home  can be increased by adding yogurt  to it, which is also a great hair moisturizer.


1 ripe banana  ;

2 teaspoons of yogurt .


Knead a ripe banana  and add two teaspoons of yogurt  to it.

Mix it to obtain a smooth paste so that no pieces of the banana  remain .

Apply this on all hair, starting with the tips and work up to the crown.

Rinse after 45 minutes with a shampoo.

5. Keratin Treatment:

This technique  to have a Straight Hair at Home gained popularity due to the use of keratin, which is less harsh to the hair. It softens the surface of the hair, but does not break the loops permanently. This treatment controls the friz, maintaining the volume and texture of the hair. It is safe for colored hair and is suitable for all types of hair, from waves to tight curls.

Follow These  Tips To Have a Straight Hair at Home  or choose any chemical treatment done by a professional hairdresser to get smoother and brighter hair.

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