The 4 Main Symptoms of Diabetes


The Symptoms of Diabetes you will see now are critical to having an accurate diagnosis of Diabetes . In addition, when you have Diabetes , stable sugar levels are the biggest indication that health is good: when they rise or fall too much, the body begins to feel its consequences, and the body’s balance begins to go bad.

The best way to avoid such peaks and falls is through daily monitoring with the use of glymeters and other technologies.

In addition, investing in healthy eating, regular physical activities and following medication correctly are excellent strategies. However, when your blood sugar does not go well, some symptoms help signal this quickly. See below:

The Key Symptoms of Diabetes

The main symptoms of diabetes are usually intense thirst, excessive urination and itching in the body , and can manifest at any age. However, Type 1 diabetes  usually arises primarily during childhood and adolescence, while type 2 diabetes  is more related to overweight and poor diet, appearing mainly after age 35.

Fatigue and Hunger

The food you eat is converted into glucose that the cells use as energy. But to do this, your body needs insulin. If cells resist insulin, energy can not reach the cells. This means that you do not have energy, so fatigue is one of the symptoms of Diabetes .

Frequent Urination

Frequent urination is one of the  Symptoms of Diabetes , as the person with Diabetes , urine four to seven times in a 24 hour period. This is because Diabetes  raises your blood sugar level . The kidneys may not be able to lower blood sugar level, so the body needs more fluids, which leads to more urination.

Weight loss

The Mayo Clinic states that when you lose sugar from frequent urination, you also lose calories. In addition, Diabetes  can prevent sugar from food from reaching your cells. Together, both can cause weight loss .

Dry mouth

When you urinate , your body uses lots of fluids and this makes your mouth dry and urinating too much is one of the symptoms of Diabetes . So if you are urinating often, there is less moisture for other things. This can cause dehydration, and you may have a dry mouth .

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