The 3 Proven Foods to Reduce Blood Sugar!


The 3 Foods Proven to Reduce Blood Sugar. Also, when a person has diabetes , their body does not produce enough insulin or can not use insulin properly, so glucose builds up in the blood. High levels of glucose in the blood can cause various symptoms, ranging from exhaustion to heart disease.

One way to control your blood sugar is to eat a healthy diet. Generally, the foods and drinks that the body absorbs slowly are the best because they do not cause spikes and drops in blood sugar level.

The glycemic index (GI) measures the effects of specific foods on blood sugar levels. People who seek to control their levels should choose foods with low or medium GI scores.

A person can also pair food with low and high GI scores to ensure that the meal is balanced. Below are some of the best foods for people looking to Reduce Blood Sugar .

Foods to Reduce Blood Sugar:

1. Whole wheat bread:

Whole rye bread and 100% ground whole wheat bread have low GI, with 55 or less on the GI scale.

Pumpernickel and whole wheat buns ground in stone have lower GI scores than ordinary whole wheat bread because the ingredients undergo less processing.

Processing removes the fibrous outer layers of grains and cereals. Fiber slows digestion and helps stabilize blood sugar levels.

2. Garlic:

Garlic is a popular ingredient in traditional diabetes medicationsĀ  and a wide variety of other conditions.

Garlic compounds can help Reduce Blood Sugar by improving insulin sensitivity and secretion.

3. Sweet potatoes and yams:

Regular potatoes have a high glycemic index, but sweet potatoes and yams have low scores and are very nutritious.

Some research indicates that sweet potato pulp contains more fiber than the skin, indicating that the whole vegetable may be beneficial for diabetics.

Reporting findings from an animal study, the researchers also noted that consumption of sweet potato may reduce some markers of diabetes .

Other Ways to Reduce Blood Sugar:

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is key. Additional strategies that help Reduce Blood Sugar include:

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of clear liquids;

Exercise regularly;

Eating small portions more often;

Do not skip meals;

Manage or reduce stress ;

Maintain a healthy body weight or lose weight if needed.

People with diabetesĀ  may also need to take Blood Sugar ReducingĀ  Medications and regularly measure to reduce the risk of potentially dangerous symptoms and complications. Talk to a doctor about incorporating a healthy diet into a diabetes treatment plan .

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