The 20 Healthy Foods For Constipation


Healthy Foods For Constipation that you possibly do not know. In addition, constipation is common and affects people of all ages. You can usually treat it at home with simple changes in your diet and lifestyle.

Although occasional constipation is very common, some people suffer from chronic constipation that can interfere with their ability to perform their daily tasks. Already Constipation chronic can cause straining to have a bowel movement.

The Constipation occurs more commonly when waste or stool moves too slowly through the digestive tract and can not be effectively eliminated from the rectum, which can make the stool dry and hard. Well, now that you already know what we’re talking about, see in detail the Healthy Foods for Constipation:

1. Healthy Foods For Constipation: Bananas:

Bananas are generally considered helpful in relieving constipation . However, non-ripe bananas can cause constipation. This is because green banana has a high content of starch, which is difficult for the body to digest.

Fiber pectin contained in bananas draws water from the intestine into the feces. This can further aggravate the problem in case of dehydration.

2. Healthy Foods For Constipation: Plums:

One of the fruits best known for its laxative properties, plum has a large amount of soluble and insoluble fibers and sorbitol, a polyalcohol also known as glucitine, obtained from the hydrogenation of glucose, which acts as an osmotic agent stimulating production of water in the intestine, which facilitates the evacuation process.

3. Healthy Foods For Constipation: Kiwi:

Because of its high fiber content , kiwi is among the most powerful natural laxatives. To get an idea, the consumption of an amount of about 76 g, can supply more than 9% of the recommended daily intake for fiber .

4. Healthy Foods For Constipation: Beans:

beans are an excellent source of protein and fiber . However, all varieties of beans do not have the nutritional value we need. If you are suffering from constipation , certain grains that have a high carbohydrate content and low fiber content can make the problem worse.

5. Healthy Foods For Constipation: Caffeine:

The caffeine contained in black tea , coffee and chocolate is a great stimulant that promotes regular bowel movements. However, like bananas, it can aggravate constipation  if you are dehydrated.

6. Figs For Constipation:

Figs are a great alternative to increase fiber intake and ensure a healthy gut. A medium-sized fig, for example about 50 g, has 1.6 g of fiber .

In addition, just half a cup, about 75 grams of dried figs contain 7.3 grams of fiber , which corresponds to almost 30% of the daily requirement.


7. Healthy Foods For Constipation: Baked Potatoes:

When we roast the potato with your skin , we have a delicious and high fiber food , which is good for the taste and the bowel. For a healthier diet, leave aside the fried version of the potato , and prepare yours in a better way: cut them the way you prefer, spray them with a little olive oil , sprinkle them with your favorite seasoning and light into the oven until crisp.

8. Chicken For Constipation:

When we are hungry we look for carbohydrates or foods full of sugar . Our brain is not silly and it knows where we can get more energy. At this point, opt for chicken, a protein that generates a greater sense of satiety, which is great. Help your gut help you by eating a salad with chicken breast.

9. Water For Constipation:

If you are constipated, drink more. This will swell the insoluble vegetable fibers and will therefore increase the number of contractions in your gut. Prefer water or tea (depending on the tea, the black holds intestine), but from time to time you can use a glass of beer, as it is a little laxative.

10. Healthy Foods For Constipation: Lemon Juice:

The lemon is extremely powerful for the body, its juice causes the walls of the colon to cleanse naturally. Squeeze a lemon and mix with a glass of warm water , take 1 full glass when you wake up, you should stay at least 20 minutes without eating anything else.

11. Healthy Foods For Constipation: Broccoli:

Like beans , broccoli is rich in fiber and other nutrients that are good for your health, as well as low in calories. At the time of consumption, opt for the raw version of broccoli , since cooking can reduce its fiber content – if you prefer cooked, opt for the grilled or roasted version.

12. Healthy Foods For Constipation: Kale:

The cabbage is an excellent ally in the proper functioning of the intestine, so that it plays its role should eat raw or lightly steamed or also in the form of juice that besides the fiber has water that is also important in digestion and intestinal transit.

13. Healthy Foods For Constipation: Melon:

Wow, but melon is water , so I’ll swell more! Wrong! The melon is a great tip to reduce constipation , because the melon contains water and can help in cases of constipation generated by mild dehydration.

14. Healthy Foods For Constipation: Wholegrain Bread:

A good way to get rid of constipation is to adopt daily eating habits that can improve the health of your bowel. A good way to do this, if you eat bread every day, is to opt for the full version of that food.

15. Nuts For Constipation:

Almonds and nuts are choices that are rich in fiber , and that do your gut and your health well in general. The key is to not overdo the dose because these items are usually more caloric – a good amount is the one that fits in the palm of your hand.

16. Healthy Foods for Constipation: Green Corn:

The corn is one of the foods that more help in constipation to be rich in fiber , it is best to cook the corn cool and eat. Canning is also good, only care is needed, because it is conserved has a greater amount of salt, very good for celiac, because it is rich in carbohydrates and does not contain gluten.

17. Healthy Foods For Constipation: Sweet Potato:

Besides being a good ally of good form, thanks to its high glycemic index, sweet potatoes contain 3.8 grams of fiber, mainly present in the bark – so the best way to consume it is in its integral form!

18. Pear For Constipation:

Pears contain more fiber than many other fruits, so they are great foods for constipation. Make sure you eat the skin to get as much fiber as you can. With the skin , a medium pear provides 5 to 6 grams of fiber of the need you need to regulate your digestive system .

  1. Healthy Foods For Constipation: Red Fruits:

In addition to delicious, fruits like blackberry, raspberry and blueberry contain 4 grams of fiber in just half a cup. Include in juices, salads and yogurts for healthy and functional snacks.

20. Papaya For Constipation:

its laxative effect is well known by popular belief. This happens because of the presence of papain, which facilitates the elimination of feces.

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