The 17 Home Remedies To Treat Toothache


Home Remedies To Treat Toothache help in a healthy way to deal with this condition that causes so much discomfort. But the best thing is that every Home Remedy To Treat Toothache free from side effects. In addition, toothache usually leaves the person very badly and even interfering with the day to day routine. In addition to the pain in the tooth itself, you may feel some other things such as: mild fever , swelling at the affected tooth site or pain in the jaw.

Natural treatments are a great option to heal this type of pain, which usually manifests in a very intense way, which can hinder or even prevent the ingestion of solid foods. So, check out the following  The 17 Home Remedies To Treat Toothache:

1. Home Remedies To Treat Tooth Pain Using Oxygenated Water:

If the pain comes from an infection and comes with bad breath or halitosis, a little  hydrogen peroxide  may be used as a treatment.


Moisten a cotton in this water and apply it on the tooth.

You can also prepare a mouthwash by mixing one part of this ingredient with three water.

2. Home Remedy To Treat Tooth Pain Using Parsley:

The  Parsley  has anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce disorder in the affected area, especially where there is also an inflammation.


Take some   fresh parsley and chew several times a day.

This will calm the pain and is ideal to counteract bad breath.

3. Home Remedies To Treat Tooth Pain Using Salt Water:

A simple glass of warm salt water can help treat a toothache.


Mix half a teaspoon of common salt in a cup of hot water and use it to rinse the mouth thoroughly.

This will help reduce swelling and inflammation, and also fight the bacteria that cause infection.


4. Home Remedy To Treat Tooth Pain Using Pepper:

The  pepper  is not just to make the taste of the spicy food. With its analgesic effects, it is able to stop the high sensitivity in the gums due to Toothache. To use it properly, follow the recipe below.


1 pinch of  Ginger  Powder;

1 pinch of   cayenne pepper ;



Mix the two seasonings in a very small glass or glass container.

Add a few drops of water and mix until making a paste.

With a piece of sterile cotton, put the paste on the sore teeth.

Important:  Avoid touching the gums with the mixture, to avoid further inflammation or even burn the gums with the effects of pepper.

5. Home Remedies To Treat Tooth Pain Using Coconut Oil:


½ teaspoon  Coconut Oil ;

½ teaspoon of  clove  powder.


Place the  Coconut Oil  and  Clove  Powder in a bowl and mix them to make a paste.

Take a small brush, place the paste made where you feel the pain.

It is recommended to do this three times a day for best results.

6. Home Remedy To Treat Tooth Pain Using Garlic:

The use of  Garlic  can also provide immense relief from Toothache. Garlic  has antibiotic and other medicinal properties which can be very effective in reducing pain.


Mix one  crushed garlic clove  (or garlic powder  ) with a little table salt or black salt,

Apply it directly to the affected tooth to relieve pain.

If you prefer, you can chew one or two garlic cloves   to get relief.

Repeat this natural treatment for a few days.

7. Home Remedies To Treat Tooth Pain Using Onion:

The  onions  have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that control toothache. It can provide pain relief by killing the germs causing an infection.


At the first sign of a Toothache, chew   raw Onion for a few minutes to ease the pain.

If you can not bite it, place a piece of   raw Onion directly on the bad tooth or gum.

8. Home Remedy To Treat Tooth Pain Using Propolis:

The  propolis  is a natural antibacterial that can usually be found with the honey, being an important product in the treatment of infections and colds. And with a suitable blend, only  propolis  can be an excellent combatant against toothaches, especially if it has already been diagnosed as an infection.


2 tablespoons  Macela ;

30 drops of  propolis ;



Boil the water, add the spoons of  Macela , and the drops of  propolis , and let cool.

For 3 times a day, make mouthwash with the mixture, preferably after meals.

Make the rinses until the pain passes completely.

9. Home Remedies To Treat Tooth Pain Using Carnation:

The  blackheads  have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant and anesthetic properties that help relieve toothache and fight infection.


Moa two whole teeth. Mix a little olive oil or any vegetable oil and apply on the affected tooth.

Another option is to dip a cotton ball in the  clove oil  and wipe it directly over the sore tooth.

Or, you can mix a few drops of  clove oil  in half a glass of water and use it as a mouthwash.

10. Home Remedy To Treat Tooth Pain Using Peppermint Oil:

A great alternative to pain relief is  peppermint oil . It is an active ingredient in toothpaste. This oil is a mild anesthetic as well as being an anti-bacterial and antiviral agent. The  peppermint oil  is excellent for toothache, to prevent infection and maintain fresh breath.

11. Home Remedies To Treat Tooth Pain Using Potato:

The nutrients found in  potatoes  can make a difference when you have toothache. The recommendation is to chew small pieces of raw food, with a little salt for toothache, even if small, is guaranteed.

12. Home Remedy To Treat Tooth Pain Using Lemon Juice:

The  lemon juice  is a good choice of ways to end Toothache most effective and inexpensive. The  lemon  is a fruit with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent; In addition to the relief of toothache, it also prevents infections from occurring in the area.

To prepare this remedy you simply have to squeeze the Lemon Juice   and apply directly to the affected area. You can also put the juice of a  lemon  in a glass with a little salt and gargle for a few seconds.

13. Home Remedies To Treat Tooth Pain Using Eucalyptus:

To prepare, add a tablespoon of dried and chopped leaves into a glass of water and boil. You can make mouthwashes as often as necessary to relieve toothache.

14. Home Remedy To Treat Tooth Pain Using Ice:

Ice also helps relieve toothache, especially if the toothache is accompanied by swelling. You should get ice cubes, wrap in a clean cloth and touch the cheek on the outside of the mouth, near the region affected by toothache.

Ice numbs the region of the toothache, reduces the swelling that the toothache brings and causes the effect of temporary anesthetic. It is also indicated for toothache to eat cold foods, such as ice cream, to numb the toothache.

15. Home Remedies To Treat Tooth Pain Using Assa-Fetida:

Dental problems, such as toothache and bleeding gums, can be treated at home with the use of assa-fetida.


Simply add a pinch or a half teaspoon of assa-fetida powder to two teaspoons of Lemon juice  ,

Then warm it slightly. Use a cotton pad to apply the solution to the affected area.

This will give you quick relief from the pain.

Alternatively, foul-smelling fried in clarified butter can be placed in the tooth cavity for immediate relief.

16. Home Remedy To Treat Tooth Pain Using Slug:

Inflamed gums can lead to an almost unbearable toothache, one way to try to solve this problem is to pass some slug gel   on the toothache. This product is soothing which causes the toothache to be reduced. And it is a home remedy to relieve toothache with ease.

17. Home Remedies To Treat Tooth Pain Using Sodium Bicarbonate:

The  bicarbonate  helps in improving the skin, hair, and health, and is used to cure various diseases, including to End toothache. You should apply  bicarbonate  of water to the affected area until pain subsides.

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