The 17 Foods To Treat Anemia Quickly


The 17 Foods to Treat Anemia Rapidly  are a natural way of treating this problem. In addition, anemia is caused by reducing the number of red blood cells (RBCs) that work properly in the blood. These cells are responsible for bringing oxygen to all organs of the body, and when they decrease in number or do not work well, there are problems of oxygenation in all the body.

In most cases, the problem may be the result of a large blood loss, the presence of intestinal parasites or iron deficiency in the body. The lack of this mineral can be met by including good food choices for dietary anemia.

To prevent cases of anemia, or even during treatment, it is very common to recommend the intake of foods rich in iron. And this nutrient can easily be found in nature in different concentrations. Therefore, it is possible to vary the menu well and still guarantee the necessary supply of this mineral.

People over 65 years of age are more likely to be on iron-deficient diets, people who have kidney failure (especially if they are on dialysis since there is difficulty in forming red blood cells) and people with difficulty absorbing iron. So now check out the  17 Foods to Treat Anemia Quickly:

1. Molasses

One tablespoon of molasses contains 3.2 mg of iron, so it can be a great food to be consumed on a day to day basis. You can add molasses in the preparation of some dishes and increase your daily intake of iron .

2. Honey:

Honey is a healthy food for the whole body and has good iron contents. Every 100 grams of honey there is about 0.42 mg of iron . In addition, honey also contains copper and magnesium, which will help in increasing the hemoglobin of the body.

3. Spinach:

Spinach is a very popular vegetable that should be present in the list of good foods to treat anemia . It is a rich source of calcium, vitamins A, B9, E and C, iron , beta-carotene and fibers. Spinach can help in the overall health of your body. It turns out that half a cup of cooked spinach contains 3.2 mg of iron , which accounts for about 20% of the daily iron requirement for the body.

4. Whole wheat bread:

One slice of whole grain bread contains about 6% of the daily iron content required by the body. It is a good source of iron  and will help the body fight against mineral deficiency effectively and treat anemia .

5. Soy Beans:

Beans are a great source of iron and vitamins. Soy is one of the most iron-containing grains, it has low fat content and good protein doses, but it has phytic acid, which prevents iron penetration .

6. Pomegranate:

The pomegranate is one of the fruits that contain more iron and vitamin C , and so is one of the good food for anemia. It helps to improve blood flow in the body and is also very effective in  treating anemia such as weakness, dizziness, tiredness and even hearing loss.

7. Eggs:

Eggs are a rich source of protein and contain a large amount of antioxidants . A large egg contains 1 mg of iron  and therefore consuming an egg every day will help treat anemia .

8. Apple:

Apples are known to help boost iron levels  in the body and treat anemia . The vitamin C in apples helps the body absorb iron . It is known that every 100 grams of apple there is 0.12 mg of iron . You can consume it in natural shell, in desserts, sweet or sour sauces or in juice.


9. Fish:

Fish are also good foods for anemia since they contain enough iron. Some of the more popular fish like salmon, tuna, as well as seafood such as mussels and oysters, are rich in iron. Pacific oysters contain 7.2 mg of iron  per 100 grams.

10. Nuts:

Nuts are good foods to treat anemia because they are great sources of iron and help you easily increase mineral levels in your body. Pistachio is the best source of iron since it contains 15 mg of iron  in 100 grams. You can carry a handful of pistachios and apricots in the bag and consume at the intervals between meals, in the morning or afternoon snack.

11. Tomato:

The vitamin C is present in the main ingredient tomato, together with the lycopene. The vitamin C in tomatoes helps in easy absorption of iron . Tomato is also rich in beta-carotene and vitamin E and consequently helps in the maintenance and health of hair and skin.

12. Peanut Butter:

Peanut butter is a rich source of iron . Try to include peanut butter in your daily diet. If you do not like the taste, you may think about eating a handful of roasted peanuts every day because in the natural way they are also good foods to treat anemia .

13. Red Meat:

Some meats or specific parts of the meat are high in iron , such as heart, kidneys, liver and red meat in general. It is also a great source of vitamin B12 .

14. Beet:

Due to the high iron content , the beet is also great for fighting anemia. A good way to use it is by mixing this vegetable in salads or making juices, which should be taken daily. Here’s how to make beet juice.

15. Black Beans:

Black beans are rich in iron , but to improve their absorption, it is important to accompany the black bean meal with citrus fruit juice for example because these fruits are rich in vitamin C which improves the absorption of iron and helps to treat the Anemia .

16. Oats:

Two tablespoons of oats can offer up to 4.5 mg of iron to the body. It is recommended to buy fortified oatmeal, since it has an extra amount of B-complex vitamins.

17. Legumes:

Legumes are one of the greatest natural sources of iron, so they are keys to treating anemia . Beans, lentils, soybeans, chickpeas, and others offer up to 5 mg of iron  in one cup.

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