The 15 Home Remedies for Head Lice


Home Remedies for Head Lice that you may not know about. Also, the lice is quite small, but you can still see it – though it is not always easy. The lice adults are grayish white or tan and a small seed size. It moves quickly, so it’s much easier to see your eggs than the lice itself.

Lice eggs are popular for nits. Nits have the appearance of dandruff, except they do not brush or fall as easily as dandruff. The lice holds its nits to pieces of hair, very close to the scalp. So if you think you have lice and see a small oval bubble in a hair, it’s probably a lice egg.

Home Remedies for Head Lice The itching – or the sensation of something moving on the scalp – is a clue that you may have lice. Like mosquito bites, itching is a reaction to the insect’s saliva. Some people with lice still have a number of small red bumps.

Despite this, there are home remedies that have great effectiveness in lice . So, check out the Home Remedies for Head Lice in more detail :

1. Eucalyptus For Head Lice:

Put to boil a good amount of water , add the leaves of eucalyptus and let it rest for about 15 minutes;

Subsequently, apply this infusion throughout the hair and scalp , and start removing lice and nits with a thin comb.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Mix hot water and apple cider vinegar in equal parts and apply to dry hair . This product so easy to find on the market has a powerful action to end the lice and nits.

3. Homemade Lice Remedies: Thick Salt:

Mix the conditioner with a handful of coarse salt, spread it through the hair and let it act for 15 minutes;

Then follow the fine comb, washing the hair well in the end.

4. Leaf Leaves for Head Lice:


20 grams of rue sheets ;

1 liter of boiling water ;

fine comb


Bring water to a boil;

As soon as it boils, throw the rue sheets into the water , cover the pan and turn off the heat;

Leave to soak for 20 minutes.


Apply this tea arruda in hair dry to wet all the hair ;

Put a cap or plastic bag on your head and let it act for 30 minutes;

Thread a thin comb to remove Head lice dead and ;

Wash your hair normally with shampoo and conditioner;

Repeat this recipe every three days for a month to make sure you’re done with Lice .

5. Cherimólia para Lice:

Moa a cherimólia to make a paste and apply it on the head;

Cover your head with a cloth and hold it all night;

Then wash the next morning;

This is an effective home remedy for Head Lice .

6. Baby Oil For Head Lice:

The unique recipe for Home Remedies for Head Lice includes baby oil, laundry soap and white vinegar. You should first wash your hair thoroughly with baby oil, followed by a wash with a small amount of laundry detergent. Apply white vinegar to your hair under a shower that night before going to bed and all your head lice will be gone in the morning.

7. Mixture of Lice Oils:



peppermint oil;

eucalyptus oil ;

lavender oil .


In this case, you will only need to mix all (to the same extent) and go through the hair before bed. In the morning, wash your head with a good anti-oil shampoo. Some lice will leave right away. After that, thread the fine comb to complement the cleaning.

8. Essential Oils for Head Lice:

Although it is a remedy that requires more products and more difficult preparation, it is equally effective. Mix in a bowl 30ml of olive oil, 10 drops of essential oil of rosemary and 10 drops of essential oil of lavender. Mix well, run through the hair , rubbing the scalp well .

Cover with a cap and let stand for one hour. Take your hair well , preferably with shampoo for oily hair . This remedy is ideal only for hair dry or normal, as in hair in itself oil, essential oils and oil are not recommended.

9. Coconut Oil For Head Lice:

Heat three tablespoons of coconut oil and add a few drops of camphor;

Apply oil to the head and massage the scalp ;

Cover your head with a shower cap or plastic bag;

Leave on for the night;

The next morning, wash normally and when the hair is dry, brush with an anti-lice comb.

10. Home Remedies for Head Lice: Almonds:

Soak 10 almonds in water overnight;

The next morning, peel and grind the almonds into a thick paste;

Mix three tablespoons of lemon juice . Leave for two hours and rinse with water cold ;

Use this medicine once a week for two months.

11. Bicarbonate For Head Lice:

Put one tablespoon of baking soda in a cup and fill the rest with hair conditioner ;

Wash the hair normally and in the end apply the mixture with bicarbonate and let it act for 3 hours, covering the head with a towel or a plastic bag.

At the end of 3 hours, thread a thin comb through your hair to a white cloth so that you can catch the lice that fall there in an alcohol solution for 30 minutes for them to die.

12. Home Remedies for Head Lice: Milk:

Mix half a liter of milk, two bottles of beer, three eggs, two tablespoons of vinegar and the juice of two lemons;

Once thoroughly mixed, apply the mixture to dry hair and the entire scalp ;

Let the mixture act for half an hour by wrapping a blanket on the head for the mixture to have more effect;

At the end of the time, thoroughly wash the entire head, repeating another layer of shampoo if necessary.

13. Home Remedies for Head Lice: Vaseline:

Although Vaseline is not produced for the head, use it if you have Head Lice as it is one of the fastest and most effective Home Remedies for Head Lice . Leave the vaseline resting overnight, then wash it with baby oil, followed by a full bath. Vaseline can easily clog pores, so avoid putting too much on the skin except the scalp .

14. Home Remedies for Lice: Lemon Juice:

Add a few drops of lemon juice in a bowl with butter;

Apply the mixture over the head and hold for 20 minutes;

Then apply shampoo to wash the head. This is very beneficial in the treatment of Head lice .

15. Home Remedies for Head Lice: Rosemary Tea:

This infusion can help eliminate lice ;

You should first wash your hair and then put the tea on the entire scalp making circular motions on the leather and let it act for a few minutes;

Then rinse .

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