The 15 Foods That Help to Treat Reflux


Foods that help to treat reflux are a natural and painless way to treat this problem once and for all. In addition, heartburn, also known as heartburn, is a common symptom among the population and can be treated on its own, provided it is not as frequent. It is characterized by a burning in the throat region , caused by the contact of the gastric juice with the esophagus.

Foods fed to foods that help to treat reflux to prevent or improve gastroesophageal reflux should prioritize the consumption of fiber, fruits, vegetables and legumes; reducing or even excluding consumption of industrialized, spicy and high-fat products such as fried foods, soft drinks and sauces.

The great majority of reflux research points to diet as an important contributory factor to the improvement or worsening of symptoms, thus modifying diet becomes fundamental to the success of the plot and control of symptoms related to reflux.

What is Reflux?

Gastroesophageal reflux, also known by the acronym GERD, is a condition in which the acids present inside the stomach  do not follow the normal flow and end up going back through the esophagus (tube that connects the mouth to the stomach ). This movement irritates the tissues lining the esophagus, causing the typical symptoms of reflux such as heartburn and burning, for example.

What Causes Reflux?

The reflux is caused by the “loosening” of the esophageal sphincter a very strong ring located just at the entrance of the stomach  that serves precisely to avoid the return of food. Another key point is Foods That Help to Treat Reflux.  When the diet  has acidic foods  , sausages, canned, carbonated drinks, alcohol, milk or industrialized foods the picture worsens.

How Can I Treat Reflux?

If you suffer with reflux, the first step is to feed yourself little, in short periods. It is important to avoid coffee and cigarettes in addition to the above mentioned foods  . Swap these foods for vegetables, fruits, that is,  more natural foods .

Taking care of the weight is important as well, because when we gain weight the abdomen dilates and tends to worsen the condition. During pregnancy the reflux picture is also common and requires attention.

Foods That Help To Treat Reflux:

1. Oats:

People who need to follow a  reflux diet do not err when consuming a serving of oats for breakfast or snack during the day. In addition to not causing the reflux, the food supports, helping to provide a feeling of satiety to the body, because of its high fiber content.

2. Slug:

Before you complain that slug is not necessarily a food, it is worth mentioning here that the plant can be used in recipes like juices or shakes.

3. Salad:

With the exception of tomatoes, onions, cheese and seasonings rich in fat, those who suffer with reflux do not run the risk of making mistakes when choosing to add a salad to their menu. This dish will not stimulate the reflux and will do well to the body in general, since a diet rich in varied vegetables is the key, so they are Foods That Help to Treat Reflux .

4. Melon:

As with banana, the acidity level of the melon is also not high, staying at 6.1. And the rate of people with reflux who present problems when consuming the fruit is very small: varies between 1 and 2%.

5. Fennel (fennel):

Fennel is the plant that gives rise to fennel and can be used in the preparation of various recipes during meals such as tea , soup and even chickens, which dish is used as seasoning. With a virtually neutral pH the number is at 6.9, it does no harm to those who suffer with reflux and there is still evidence that the vegetable helps to improve the functioning of the stomach , so it is one of the Foods That Helps to Treat Reflux .


  1. Chicken and Peru:

Those suffering from the condition do not necessarily have to stay away from foods such  as chicken and turkey, just know how to prepare these dishes. The recommendation is to do the removal of the skin, which contains a lot of fat, and do not fry the meats.

7. Fish and Seafood:

As long as they are not prepared fried, fish and seafood like shrimp, lobster and mollusc are foods that help to treat reflux . They should be made baked, sauteed or grilled.

8. Green Vegetables:

Green-colored vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus and green beans are foods that help to treat reflux and should be part of the diet, given that they are also nutritious and low in calories.

9. Celery:

With few calories are six found in a medium stalk, high water content and good amount of fiber, which help to decrease appetite, celery is another that can not be excluded from Foods That Help to Treat Reflux . It will not cause discomfort to the condition’s sufferers and can integrate recipes like purees, soups, juices and beats.

10. Salsinha:

Used for centuries as a medicinal plant that brings benefits to the stomach  and helps the digestive process in the body, the parsley is another important food for the diet  of people suffering with reflux.

11. Integral Rice:

The acidity level of brown rice is not high its pH is 6, so it can appear in the meals of those suffering from reflux, which will further contribute to that they have a diverse diet.

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12. Chamomile:

Another interesting herb is chamomile, chamomile tea  is considered a natural sedative, which promotes improved gastric functioning, and is widely used for its local anti-inflammatory effect in the form of compresses on inflamed and swollen skins. Or as toilet seats for women to reduce inflammation and vaginal infections.

13. Licorice Root:

Try licorice root to soothe the stomach  for a quick solution of GERD GERD symptoms. The root of licorice loose tea and tea are available at food stores that help to treat reflux .

14. Salsa:

Used as condiments, but also as a medicinal plant brings benefits to the stomach . Nutrients such as vitamin A (beta-carotene), calcium, iron and vitamins B12, C and K aid in the digestive process.

15. Beet:

Beetroot is rich in betaine (pigment responsible for its purplish color), which is an excellent natural antioxidant, aiding in the proper functioning of the intestine and facilitating the digestion process which helps prevent heartburn.

The content of this article has been extracted from the Guide to Beauty which is an information site about   healthy weight loss and various health tips.

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