The 12 Tips to End Stretch Marks in 15 Days


The Tips to End Stretch Marks in 15 Days simply and swiftly. Furthermore, the streaks  are drifting scarring lesions caused by rupture of fibers  elastic and collagen that support the intermediate layer of our skin . These lesions usually occur when there is a sudden stretch of the skin, as in pregnancy, for example, and are characterized by parallel lines of purplish, pink or white color on the surface of the skin . The condition can affect both men, but also, and especially, women.

The streaks  are found mainly in the abdominal wall, but may also occur along the thighs, arms, buttocks and breasts. This happens a lot when a woman enters puberty, grows very fast, or gains weight in a short time. So Check Out The 12 Tips To Stop Stretch Marks In 15 Days:

1. Avoid Scratching the Location:

This is one of the Top Tips for Eliminating Stretch Marks . Avoid scratching the skin , as this can destroy the fibers that support the skin , that is, it will only increase the stretch marks .

2. Carrot To Eliminate Streaks:

Another vegetable from your kitchen that can be very useful is the carrot . Cook some carrots  in the steam, puree these and apply it directly to the affected area. Be careful of the temperature so as not to burn the skin . The effects of this folder are a little time consuming and therefore you need to leave it at least half an hour to get some results. Then wipe with moistened cloth in cold water.

3. Vitamin E:

The  vitamin E is one of the most beneficial vitamins for the care of our skin , since it is perfect to combat the aging of the skin  and promote proper blood circulation. This is why it is a good way to prevent and eliminate stretch marks . In addition, it is best to buy vitamin E capsules at the pharmacy or an herbal store and apply the liquid over the area affected by stretch marks. Another option is to massage the area with vegetable oils rich in vitamin E such as olive oil , the soybean oil , the hazelnut oil or castor oil , among others.

4. Exercise To Eliminate Stretch Marks:

Exercise in open and open spaces develops muscles and oxygenates cells. The outdoor activities facilitate the high absorption of vitamin D , which is very important for the improvement of the skin .

5. Beet :

Grind the peel of a beet with the peach bark , if the paste becomes thick, add a tablespoon of almond oil . After mixing apply the paste on the affected areas for 15 minutes and then remove with cold water, as the hot water causes the skin  to become sensitive, worsening the stretch marks .

6. Oils to Eliminate Stretch Marks:

Use and abuse of oils such as sweet almond oil , grape or sunflower oil , and creams enriched with essential oils.

7. Egg Whites:

It may even look a little disgusting, but because it is an excellent source of protein , Egg Clear helps to rejuvenate the skin . So, try putting egg whites on the affected areas three times a day.

8. Skin Exfoliation To Eliminate Stretch Marks:

This is a good way to eliminate stretch marks . For, it consists of eliminating dead cells and a thin layer of skin , favoring the formation of a new layer. Simply mix 1 tablespoon of sugar with a little bit of sweet almond oil and rub in the Striae  daily.

9. Avocado:

The avocado has many properties and is used in the preparation of various home remedies with different utilities. This paste is made by grinding half an avocado mixed with a tablespoon of honey and a lemon , apply with circular massage for 15 minutes daily. Another way is to add a tablespoon of olive oil to make the paste a bit more liquid and easier to apply, so the avocado would be a super tip for Eliminating Streaks .

10. Care of the Food:

For it is essential to have  healthy skin and a firmer and smoother appearance. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals will greatly help prevent the formation of stretch marks  in some areas of your body. It is recommended to consume fresh vegetables, vegetables, fruits and vegetable oils and foods rich in vitamin E , without forgetting to ingest enough water.

11. Horsetail:

The horsetail is a wild plant widely used for medicinal purposes is bought in herbal food stores. It has a high content of silicon, a natural regenerator of cells. The lotion is prepared by macerating, for one month, 100 grams of these leaves with eight drops of lemon juice and one liter of alcohol at 40 °. Once the month has passed, dilute the amount of the preparation that will be used with 50% water and apply it to the affected areas twice a day in order to eliminate the stretch marks .


  1. Domestic Revenue:

An excellent home remedy for stretch marks  is to do a skin scrub  with cornmeal, oats and wheat germ because it removes the most superficial layer of the skin , helping to eliminate the stretch marks . In addition, this homemade solution facilitates the hydration of the skin , favoring the treatment of stretch marks  with moisturizing creams and other remedies.


2 tablespoons cornmeal;

2 tablespoons oats ;

2 tablespoons wheat germ ;

½ cup water;

Method of preparation:

Mix all the ingredients in a container until a homogeneous mixture is formed and then apply throughout the body, insisting more on the Striae  with circular movements.

Remove the product with warm water and self-massage using a moisturizing cream for stretch marks  or an oil, with vigorous movements to activate the circulation of the place.

You should remember that these alternative treatments should be complemented with exercises to lose weight and a good diet to help fight them. For there is no home recipe for stretch marks  that is 100% efficient, since they are a physiological response of the body against some aggression to which the skin  was exposed.

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