The 12 Benefits of Artemisia Tea for Health


The Health Benefits of Artemisia Tea We Need to Know. In addition, belonging to the same family of chamomile and sunflower, Artemisia Tea has been used for medicinal purposes since the Middle Ages. The Artemisia is a medicinal plant, popularly known as chamomile-the-field, herb-of-fire, hypericum perforatum, Queen-of-herbs.

It has become popular as a home remedy to prevent migraines and control chronic headaches . But few people know all the benefits this plant can bring us. Meet Now,  The 12 Benefits of Artemisia Tea For Health :

1. Fight Acne:

If you consult an alternative health professional, he will tell you that acne and boils are due to blood impurities. So what’s the solution?

The answer lies in using Artemisia Tea , which has the ability to clean impurities from your blood.


2. Improves Liver Health:

There are claims that Artemisia tea can increase blood circulation and also cure certain liver disorders.

3. Strengthens the Nervous System:

Fatigue , hyperreactivity or stress , your nerves may undergo any of these problems from time to time. The Artemisia tea can benefit your strained nerves in a wonderful way.

4. Controls Diabetes:

In Mexico Artemisia Tea  has played a role in the treatment of diabetes . Several animal studies have been performed to validate the control of blood glucose levels.

5. End Diarrhea:

The Artemisia tea is a folk remedy for diarrhea. When tested on animals they show that Artemisia extracts have antispasmodic actions and the ability to relieve the stomach.

Other Benefits  of Artemisia Tea

Relieves chronic headaches;

Improves migraines ;

Assists in the treatment of kidney diseases and disorders;

Prevents anemia ;

Assists in the treatment of wounds;

Treats muscle inflammation and pain caused by arthritis.

Artemisia Tea:

Cook 1 liter of water, along with 2 tablespoons of plant leaves;

Bring to a boil for 10 minutes, then muffle and turn off;

When the temperature is pleasant for consumption, strain and sweeten to taste;

Drink between two and three times a day.

Contraindications of Artemisia Tea:

Despite being a natural plant, Artemisia Tea should not be used by pregnant women , nursing mothers or children under 12 years. This is because the substances in the herb can negatively influence the development of the baby inside the womb or the mother’s milk. In addition to interfering with the growth of children during this age range already mentioned.

Even with these limitations, there are also other recommendations regarding the use of this plant.

For example,  Artemisia can not be eaten raw or in excess because in both cases can become toxic to the body.

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