The 10 Homemade Recipes to Fight Throat Pain!


The Homemade Recipes To Fight Throat pain quickly. In addition, Throat Pain needs to be treated immediately as it can be caused by a series of complications. The neck pain is a common symptom characterized by inflammation, irritation and difficulty swallowing or speaking that can relieved by medicine use for throat pain , such as Nimesulide.

The neck pain can be temporary and be accompanied by a flu, or can be persistent, which happens especially in people suffering from tonsillitis. Some examples of sore throat remedies are Ibuprofen, Amoxicillin and Nimesulide, which may be prescribed by your doctor to combat sore throat and the fever it can cause.

These medicines can sometimes be bought without a prescription, but self-medication is discouraged because it is harmful to health. Taking the wrong medicine can aggravate the infection, worsening the symptoms, in addition, all medication has side effects and contraindications and therefore should only be used with the knowledge of the doctor. So now check out the Homemade Recipes to Fight Sore Throat:

Home Recipes to Fight Sore Throat:

1. Homemade Recipes to Fight Throat Pain with Grapefruit:

Another good home remedy for Throat Pain is to take grapefruit juice because it is rich in vitamin C and acts as an anti-inflammatory, thus decreasing the symptoms of colds and flu.


3 grapefruit


Take out your seeds and bring the fruits to the high speed centrifuge. The juice made in this way becomes more creamy and has more nutrients. Drink the grapefruit juice at least 3 times a day.

2. Homemade Recipes to Fight Garlic Throat Pain:

It may also be considered one of the best Home Recipes to Fight Throat Pain. This bulb used as a condiment in gastronomy is one of the most powerful natural antibiotics we can find.

Its properties destroy hundreds of viruses and bacteria and stimulate the cleansing of the airways to prevent and fight disease.

In addition, thanks to its nutrients, it strengthens the immune system and keeps viral diseases away.


2 raw garlic

The juice of 1/2 lemon


Grind the two raw garlic well until you get a paste and mix them with the juice of half a lemon .

Take this medicine on an empty stomach for at least two weeks.

3. Homemade Recipes to Fight Water and Salt Throat Pain:

Gargling with  warm water and salt several times a day can help reduce swelling in the throat, as well as loosen the phlegm, which helps to eliminate the bacteria that cause irritation.

To enjoy the benefits, just dissolve half a teaspoon tea  salt in a glass of water . If the salty taste is too strong, you can add a little honey in the mixture. Remember not to swallow the mixture.

4. Homemade Recipes to Combat Throat Pain with Cayenne:

Cayenne pepper is another very effective natural remedy for sore throat . This pungent spice has anti-inflammatory as well as antibacterial properties that will help reduce inflammation and fight the growth of bacteria that cause sore throat .


Mix ¼ tsp  of cayenne pepper powder, one tablespoon of honey and three cloves of grated garlic. Take half teaspoon of tea  of this mixture every half an hour several times a day.

Avoid drinking water  immediately after drinking this mixture. Alternatively, add ¼ teaspoon of tea  cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of juice lemon  in a glass of water  hot.

5. Lemon Gargle To Fight Sore Throat:

This is one of the best Homemade Recipes to Fight Throat Pain. An excellent home remedy for throat pain and cough is to make a gargle with lemon  and other ingredients that purify the throat.


1 liter of water

3 lemons

1 medium onion

1 tablespoon honey


Boil the water  and add the onion, boiling for 7 minutes. Then strain the infusion and add the juice of the 3 lemons and honey. Gargle with this tea 2 times a day.

Gargling with water  and salt or vinegar, for example, are also great for helping to relieve inflammation and sore throat .

6. Recipes to Combat Throat Pain with Eucalyptus:

The tea  Eucalyptus is another rich Homemade Recipes To Fight Throat pain .


10 leaves of eucalyptus

1 liter of water


Boil the water  and then add the eucalyptus leaves. Let it cool a little and inhale the steam that comes out of this tea  at least 2 times a day lasting 15 minutes.

7. Homemade Recipes to Fight Ginger Throat Pain:

Another good home remedy for throat pain with ginger  is to take the tea  of ginger  or use a spray ginger  that is sold in pharmacies because it is a great bactericide which can also be used in case of sore throat.


1 cm ginger

1 cup water


Put the ingredients in a pan and boil for a few minutes. Let stand for 10 minutes, properly covered, strain and drink the following. Take this tea  3 times a day.

8. Homemade Recipes to Fight Neck Pain with Citrus Fruits:

Citrus juices, such as orange, lemon , pineapple and acerola, are also great home-made recipes for fighting sore throats . The indication is to take the juice three to four times a day. In addition to the fruits mentioned, the apple is also a good remedy as it helps in heating and lubricating the vocal folds.

Other home remedies that treat throat pain are propolis, teas, chicken soup, mint and grapefruit juice.

9. Homemade Recipes to Fight Throat Pain with Passionflower Flowers:

Passion fruit has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, and its flowers are able to fight throat inflammation and bring relief through a gargle.


2 tablespoons soup of passion fruit flowers washed and chopped;

1 cup of tea  to water .


Boil the water , add the flowers and leave in the capped cup for ten minutes. Strain it and let it soften a little.

Gargle with this  lukewarm tea four times a day.

10. Homemade Recipes to Fight Neck Pain with Propolis:

It is one of the most indicated Recipes Home to Fight the Pain of Throat  . But despite being an ally of improved symptoms, especially throat pain, it does not treat the problem alone. “There are foods that even reduce inflammation , but never as quickly and effectively as allopathic medicines.

Also, if you are taking medications and you get an improvement of the symptoms with propolis, this does not mean that the problem is solved. Including, considering this is stopping taking the medication can make the picture worse. Propolis can come in various presentations and concentrations: extract, tincture and powder. It can be found in the form of mouth spray, lozenges, candies, suspension, syrups, capsules and drops.

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