The 10 Homemade Recipes To Eliminate Toothache


The Homemade Recipes To Eliminate Toothache in an  Effective and Simple Way. In addition, Toothache is a problem that affects a large part of the population of diverse ages. By definition, it is any pain that hits the teeth ranging in intensity from mild to moderate to severe. The Toothache is a very common physical discomfort in the tooth or around it.

Sometimes Toothache can be very strong to the point of being described as unbearable. It has varied causes and results in great discomfort for the patient, can be in the own tooth or in regions close to him, reaching the jaw and face.

The Toothache is considered by many one of the worst feelings of pain a human being can face during his life. To give you an idea, most people describe it as unbearable, intense, sharp, very strong, infernal, throbbing, pulsing. So check out  The 10 Recipes Homemade To Eliminate Toothache :

1. Home Baking Soda Recipe For Toothache:

Apply the baking soda mixed with water to the sore tooth until the pain subsides. Bicarbonate helps in the improvement of various diseases and Toothache is one of them.

2. Clove Oil To Remove Toothache:

The clove oil has antibacterial properties and may be effective in relieving pain and also somewhat reduce inflammation. To do this, moisten a cotton ball with two drops of clove oil and apply to the tooth. You can repeat the application three times a day, but remember: no abuse. The product should be used in small quantities and in accordance with the instructions on its packaging.

3. Homemade Macla Tea Propolis Recipe For Toothache:

Put 2 tablespoons of dried macela leaves in a saucepan with 1 liter of water. Let it boil for about 5 minutes from the boiling point. Cover the pan and wait for the water to warm. Strain the tea and add 30 drops of propolis extract mixing well. Make mouthwash with the mixture several times a day until the  Toothache soothes . This home remedy for Toothache has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiseptic properties.

4. Vanilla To Combat Toothache:

Dip a cotton swab into the vanilla extract and apply to the tooth. With a calming effect, the vanilla extract helps to soothe the pain of the teeth and offers a very quick relief.

5. Homemade Pepper and Salt Recipe For Toothache:

A great home remedy for Toothache and that is easy to prepare is the junction of pepper and salt . Mix equal amounts of pepper and salt  with a few drops of water and stir until it turns into a paste. Hence just apply the paste on the affected tooth and leave it for a few minutes. This mixture is indicated when the tooth is very sensitive, because the ingredients have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic substances.

6. Garlic To Remove Toothache:

Crush a clove of garlic with black salt  or table salt  until it becomes a paste-like mixture and apply to the tooth with pain. If you prefer and the pain allows, chew one or two teeth. Garlic has antibiotics and various medicinal properties that help relieve pain .

7. Ice Cubes To Relieve Tooth Pain:

Ice is a great pain damper in many cases. Take an ice cube and wrap it in a dishcloth. Hold the cheek close to the sore tooth for a few minutes. Repeat a few times during the day.


8. Parsley To Combat Toothache:

The salsa has anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce disorder in the affected area, especially where there is also an inflammation. Take some  fresh parsley and chew several times a day. This will calm the pain and is ideal to counteract bad breath.

9. Cucumber’s Home Recipe for Toothache:

The  Weakest Toothache , eat a cucumber in small pieces. The fresh fruit helps refresh the pain area helping to reduce the discomfort.

10. Salt and Pepper To Remove Toothache:

The salt  and pepper are used in various seasonings and culinary dishes, both have antibacterial properties.

Because of this, they cause relief and even soothe the pain.

To enjoy these benefits, mix equal amounts of pepper and salt  with a little water to form a paste. Applying this home remedy should be about the tooth that is hurting, let it act for a few minutes. As it contains salt , this prescription should not be applied to hypertensive patients.

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