The 10 Homemade Recipes to Eliminate Migraines in 1 Week!


The Homemade Recipes To Eliminate Migraines in 1 Week Naturally. In addition,  Eliminate Migraine Migraine Elimination  is the wish of many who suffer from this condition recently. A Migraine  is one of the most common diseases today, which mainly affects women between 15 and 55 years.

Although there is no specific cause, it is related to aspects such as hormonal changes, hereditary factors, poor diet, stress, use of some oral contraceptives, pregnancy, alcohol consumption, anxiety, loud noises, sleep disorders, smoking , among others .

There are many natural remedies to Eliminate Migraine and alleviate its troublesome symptoms that almost always prevent us from continuing our daily tasks. Although these remedies usually work as a tranquilizer, it is very important to consult a doctor before experiencing any of them, especially if the symptoms appear frequently. So, check out the Homemade Recipes to Eliminate Migraine in 1 Week:

Homemade Recipes to Eliminate Migraine in 1 Week:

1. Lavender Essence To Eliminate Migraine In 1 Week:

Lavender is known as an effective relaxant. Using your essential oil is meant to Quickly Eliminate Migraines .

Add five drops to some oil, be it olive or almond oil, and massage the scalp.

Another option is to add the oil directly to the pillow where we are lying down and rest with the aroma.

2. Chamomile Tea To Eliminate Migraine In 1 Week:

Chamomile is a plant widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties, so it is ideal for Eliminating Migraines .


3 tablespoons of chamomile (30 g)

2 cups water (500 mL)


Boil the water  and add the chamomile.

Let it stand for fifteen minutes and co.

Drink during the day, if you like, accompanied by a bit of lemon juice.

3. Rest To Eliminate Migraine In 1 Week:

The Migraine by stress and concerns can be resolved by means of relaxation.

Lie down somewhere comfortable or straight into bed and rest.

Listen to a song that relaxes or takes a nap.

Sleep helps your brain release hormones as potent as medicines, so it’s a very effective home remedy.



4. Beet to Eliminate Migraines in 1 Week:


1 beet ;

1 carrot;

1 Apple;

500 ml of  filtered or mineral water .


After washing all the vegetables very well, peel and chop the carrot and the beet.

Keep the apple peel, cut the fruit into four pieces and remove the seeds and stalk.

Put all the ingredients in the blender, add the water  and beat for 30 seconds.

Strain the juice and consume right away.

5. Watercress To Eliminate Migraine In 1 Week:


3 branches of fresh parsley (avoid parsley during pregnancy and in case of renal inflammation);

2 handfuls of fresh spinach leaves;

1 handful of Watercress ;

1 Apple.


In a blender, process Salsinha with Spinach , Watercress and Apple.

Mix, pour into a glass and serve.

Render a portion.

6. Massage To Eliminate Migraine In 1 Week:

A very simple option to end the discomforts of headache is massage.

You can massage the scalp, forehead, neck, temples, eyebrows or below the eyes.

Press lightly with your fingertips and control the pressure until relief is achieved.

7. Ice To Eliminate Migraine In 1 Week:

Put some ice cubes in a sealed bag and cover with a cloth.

Put it on the forehead or directly where it has discomfort for 20 minutes.

This remedy is effective and quick to eliminate migraines , in addition to helping to regain good circulation.

8. Apple Vinegar To Eliminate Migraine In 1 Week:


1 glass of water  (200 ml)

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar (10 mL)


Add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water  at room temperature and drink.

Even if the taste is not the most pleasant, it is a simple and effective remedy to eliminate migraines .

9. Hot Water To Eliminate Migraine In 1 Week:

You can choose to put a thermal bag around the back of the neck or around the neck.

This technique will help to greatly relax the tension.

You can also choose to take a bath with  warm water and apply lavender salts.

10. Take Water To Eliminate Migraine In 1 Week:

As we told you before,  Migraines are often caused by dehydration.

It is recommended to take a few glasses of water , preferably at room temperature.

Consume foods rich in water , such as watermelon, and vegetables such as cucumber and pumpkin which contain high amounts of water .

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