The 10 Homemade Recipes to Eliminate Intestinal Worms!


The Homemade Recipes To Eliminate Intestinal Worms in a few days. In addition, Intestinal Vermin generally is the name given to a large group of elongated or flattened, soft-bodied animals with no internal or external skeleton. There are several phyla and genera, some of them are parasites, such as tapeworm and roundworm , and cause verminoses.

The worms Intestinal in humans can occur in the intestines, viscera (liver and gallbladder), lungs, skin and brain up, depending on where the parasite settles in our body.

In folk medicine there are several medicines that are used as dewaxes and, all of which we will mention below, have this proven curative action. They can also be adapted to another liquid vehicle of your liking. Do not exceed recommended dosages. For children, doses should be reduced by at least half. So now check out the Homemade Recipes to Eliminate Intestinal Worms:

Homemade Recipes To Eliminate Intestinal Worms:

1. Homemade Recipes To Eliminate Bowel Intestinal Worms:

Coconut is a fruit whose water is very tasty and consumed by all. But besides offering this drink, it can also have its pulp consumed besides being used to make the oil. Due to its antiparasitic properties, it is a great home remedy for intestinal worms .

Thanks to this property, it has the ability to expel the parasites present in the body, in addition to causing the immune system to be driven to fight them. What’s more, its oil has a significant amount of medium chain triglycerides, which helps the body to expel the parasites.

To enjoy this benefit, you should take a tablespoon of crushed coconut daily with breakfast and after three hours drink a glass of warm milk plus two tablespoons of castor oil. This process must be carried out until the infestation disappears.

2. Homemade Recipes for Eliminating Intestinal Worms with Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin seeds provide several benefits to our body, such as Eliminating  Intestinal Worms , helps the health of the prostate, strengthens the immune system, among others.

These seeds have in their composition the cucurbitaria, which is a compound that has antiparasitic properties. Because of this, the intestinal worms can not cling to the wall of the intestine, allowing them to be eliminated from the body soon afterwards.

To enjoy this benefit, infuse two tablespoons of these peeled and crushed seeds into three cups of  boiling water . This mixture should remain for 30 minutes and after cooling can ingest it. While still fasting, drink and drink this mixture every morning for a week.

3. Homemade Recipes To Eliminate Intestinal Worms With Mastruz:

Mastruz is a plant also known as Santa-maria, which promotes various benefits to the body, such as wound recovery, acts on intestinal constipation, and helps  eliminate  intestinal worms and parasites of the body, treats stomach cramps, flatulence, among others.

Because of its antiparasitic action, it acts by fighting the parasites that are present in the intestine. It is for this reason that  mastruz tea is considered a great home remedy for Eliminating  Intestinal Worms .

To use this drink for this purpose, put a spoonful of the leaves and seeds of the herb in 250 ml of  boiling water and let it stand for 10 minutes. When it is warm co and drink next.

4. Homemade Recipes for Eliminating Intestinal Worms with Fennel:

Fennel is a plant commonly used as tea , and some chefs also use it in the preparation of some dishes. As it has vermifuge action, it is considered a great home remedy for Eliminating  Intestinal Worms . It can be used as a supplement in the treatment of intestinal worms due to its vermifuge action.

To enjoy this benefit, place a spoonful of the seeds of this herb in a cup of  boiling water and let stand for 8 minutes. Then co and take preferably after meals.

5. Recipes to Eliminate Bowel Intestines with Artemisia:

Artemisia also called worm herb is excellent for eliminating intestinal parasites.


20 g of sagebrush leaves;

1 liter of  boiling water .


Add the leaves in the  boiling water and stand for 5 minutes. Strain and take when warm 3 times a day.

  1. Recipes to Eliminate Intestinal Worms with Thyme:

The thyme  is a plant that contains thymol, a substance which has antibacterial and fungi capable of destroying pests. In addition to decreasing flatulence and digestive problems.


½ liter of water

2 tablespoons thyme leaves (20 g)


To begin with, put the water  to a boil.

Then add the thyme leaves .

Let it simmer for 10 minutes.

Wait until it is warm.

Finally, strain and drink fast.

Never mix with other beverages.

Avoid sugars and flours.

Take it for a week.

7. Homemade Recipes for Eliminating Greenworms with Green Papaya:

Green papaya is a fruit that has been removed from the foot before it ripens. It contains a kind of milk that is latex, it has an enzyme that helps Eliminate Intestinal Worms . Already its seed has a substance that assists in the process of expulsion of these parasites.

This is because this enzyme (papain) has anthelmintic properties, which are capable of destroying the intestinal worms . As if that were not enough, their seeds have the caricin, which is a substance that helps to expel these parasites from the intestine.

To use green papaya as a home remedy for intestinal worms , you will have to mix three to four tablespoons of  hot water , a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of raw papaya juice. Drink this mixture before eating breakfast. After two hours, take a glass of warm milk with castor oil. Do this for two to three days.

8. Homemade Recipes to Eliminate Bowel Intestinal Worms:

This blend has antiparasitic properties that help Eliminate Intestinal Worms . It proves to be a great home remedy for Intestinal Worms  due to the vermifuge power that the arruda possesses. It is for this reason that its effect is so effective.

To take advantage of this benefit, you will need ½ tablespoon papaya seed, 1 tablespoon dried rue leaves and 1 cup water . All ingredients should be placed in a pan to boil. Then co and drink still warm during the day.

9. Homemade Recipes to Eliminate Intestinal Worms with Garlic:

Garlic is a food that is widely used in the preparation of various dishes. It is rich in nutrients and therefore provides several benefits to our body, such as lowering blood pressure, prevention and reduction of arteries stiffening, and is great for digestion among many others.

When raw, garlic has sulfur and amino acids that are the drugs that fight against nature’s parasites. It still has antiseptic and antifungal properties that kill the body’s microbes.

One of the simplest ways to take advantage of its antiparasitic benefits is by eating three raw cloves of garlic every day for a week still fasting. But for those who do not like its flavor, you can choose to crush and boil two cloves of garlic in half a cup of milk. With an empty stomach, this mixture must be taken for a week before the intestinal worms are eliminated.

10. Homemade Recipes for Eliminating Intestinal Blemishes with Milk and Mint:

Milk with mint  is a very beneficial mixture to our body, because its properties cause the intestinal worms present in the body to be eliminated. The milk is only flavored with these leaves and the result obtained is impressive, since this medicinal plant is able to kill and eliminate the parasites.

The milk itself has no vermifuge action, but the peppermint leaves do. This drink works because of the action that this medicinal plant has.

The mint  promotes two important effects: it promotes a change in pH of the gastrointestinal system and makes feasible the permanence of parasites in the gut. Those who do not resist this change die, while the more resistant ones are eliminated by the feces.

To prepare this home remedy to Eliminate Intestinal Worms , you need 1 teaspoon of honey, 100 ml of skim milk and 10 green leaves and 4 stalks of peppermint . The mint and milk should be placed in a pan and brought to the boil. After that, the mixture should be placed to cool and honey added.

Your intake should occur while the milk is warm and 1 hour before breakfast. This process should be repeated after 7 days since the recommended dosage is 2 doses.

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