The 10 Home Remedies To Treat Inflamed Throat


The 10 Home Remedies To Treat Swollen Throat quickly and effectively. In addition, we know how uncomfortable it is to have the Inflamed Sore and the consequent sore throat that ends up appearing in the day to day. If you live in large cities then, just be dry weather to increase air pollution and appear the symptoms of the famous throat infection. And there is no one who does not mind the difficulty of eating anything while suffering from this problem .

But before you leave for Home Remedies to Treat Inflamed Sore , you can try home remedies for sore throat and get quite successful. And best of all this is that these home remedies for sore throats may be in the foods you have in your home!

As a preliminary measure, however, it is possible that some home remedies disseminated by folk medicine may bring some effects so that the patient can get relief from the problem even before the consultation. Check Out The 10 Home Remedies To Treat Swollen Throat

1. Home Remedies for Inflamed Throat with Lemon and Pepper:

To treat throat pain , one of the best known methods is to gargle with lemon juice mixed with cayenne pepper . For this, the mixture consists of 125 ml of warm water , a spoonful of lemon juice, a spoonful of salt and a pinch of cayenne . The tip would be to mix all the ingredients in a glass and make gargle several times a day.

2. Home Remedies for Inflamed Throat with Pineapple Juice:

Otherwise widespread as able to help treat sore throat , is through juice pineapple , as the fruit is rich in vitamin C . According to information, when the juice is sweetened with honey , it also helps to keep the throat lubricated.

To prepare the juice you need two slices of pineapple in shell, half a liter of water and 3 drops of propolis, in addition to honey to taste. Just hit all the ingredients in the blender and drink it then.

3. Home Remedies for Inflamed Throat with Strawberry Juice:

Another option following this line with fruit would be strawberry juice . This is because the fruit is rich in antioxidant and vitamin C , being in thesis, a great remedy for treatment of throat infection.

To prepare the juice, the tip would be to use half a cup of strawberries, half a glass of water and a spoonful of honey . Then just hit all ingredients in the blender and drink three to four times a day, remembering that the drink should be at room temperature.

4. Home Remedies for Inflamed Throat with Clove and Cinnamon:

Use cinnamon, a spice with proven benefits by science, to make an anti sore throat tea. Place one or two cinnamon sticks in a cup of water and let it infuse for 10 minutes.

You can put a clove clove which is also a powerful antibacterial.

Home Remedies for Inflamed Throat Using Onion:

The onion is a powerful natural remedy, an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory in nature. Bring to boil the peel of half an onion to each cup water . Filter and let it melt. If the taste is not to the liking, it sweetens with a spoonful of honey .

5. Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Inflamed Throat:

The eucalyptus essential oil is rich in eucalyptol, a substance to which they were awarded strong germicidal properties. Use may be made by suctioning water vapors with oil . Put in a pan with boiling water in the kitchen sink or bathroom, being careful not to burn, 3 or 4 drops of the essential oil of eucalyptus and suck the steam with the help of a towel on the head so that the steam does not disperse . Another way is to put 1 or 2 drops of the oil and dilute them in water  to make gargles twice a day.


The eucalyptus essential oil can be purchased at health food stores or online. Some people may be allergic to eucalyptus. If you are not sure not to be allergic, use other options.

6. Home Remedies for Sore Throat Using Sage:

The sage besides being a great condiment in the kitchen to which a plant is natural antibacterial properties are attributed. With dried salvia leaves you can prepare an infusion to be drunk two or three times a day.

Use 2 teaspoons of soda for each cup of water. Tea at room temperature can also be used to gargle.

7. Home Remedies for Throat Swelling Using Thyme:

The Thyme also helps soothe the pain efficiently. Use a tablespoon of thyme in a cup of water , wait for it to cool and gargle.

8. Home Remedies for Inflamed Throat Using Chamomile:

In addition to its antispasmodic properties that help relax tense muscles of pain, chamomile is also anti-inflammatory. Make a traditional chamomile tea to soothe sore throat.

9. Home Remedies for Inflamed Throat Using Pomegranate:

Use a pomegranate for 1.5 l of water . Cut it in half and bring to a boil for 15 minutes. Let it infuse until amorne and gargle 3 x a day.

10. Home Remedies for Inflamed Throat Using Licorice:

Use licorice root , plant well known for its medicinal properties, to cure throat affections and oral inflammations in general. Put 2 tablespoons of ground root for each quart of water and boil for 10 minutes. Drink tea 3x a day or use tea to make mouthwash and gargle. It is not recommended for people suffering from hypertension.

Treatment with home remedy is very indicated in the cases of the Inflamed Throat , however it should be understood that these remedies only alleviate the pains and the bad being caused by the inflammation.

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