The 10 Home Remedies To Eliminate Constipation


Home Remedies to Eliminate Constipation  are healthy choices that rely on simple, easy-to-find ingredients and every  Home Remedy to Eliminate Constipation  is 100% natural. In addition, the proper functioning of the intestine is linked directly with the lifestyle of the people.

Insufficient consumption of liquids and fibers, feeds rich in protein or starchy foods , sedentary lifestyle, use of some medications, psychological factors, insulation of the toilet and even the way people sit in the toilet to evacuate can contribute to constipation .

Constipation is a very common problem among humans. This problem has affected thousands of Brazilians leading to numerous medical consultations per year.

It’s horrible the feeling of gut trapped, wanting to go to the bathroom and can not. Some people stay up to 1 week without evacuating what can cause a disorder in need of medical treatment.

By ingesting a food, it is transported to the intestine and through the so-called peristaltic movements, the food bolus is pushed into the large intestine which, in turn, eliminates the faecal-shaped cake.

It turns out that in some people, this movement does not occur as it should … It starts to get so slow that the feces get hardened still in the gut, causing pain to be eliminated. So we separate these homemade recipes for you. Then, see  The 10 Home Remedies to Eliminate Constipation:

1. Home Remedies To Eliminate Constipation Using Beet:


1 beet ;

Half red apple ;

200 ml of orange juice .


Beat all the ingredients in the blender and drink the following if you find it necessary to sweeten it with brown sugar.

To regulate the intestine it is recommended to take 1 cup of beet juice 30 minutes before lunch and dinner.

It can be taken 2 times a day.

2. Home Remedy To Eliminate Constipation Using Grape Passes:


500 ml of filtered water;

100 grams of black raisins ;

100 grams of pitted prunes ;

100 grams of flaxseed .


In a bowl, combine prunes , raisins, and flaxseed .

Then cover all ingredients with water.

Let rest for one night, remembering to leave the container closed.

The next day, put it all at once in the blender and beat for five minutes.

The recommendation is that it be packaged in the refrigerator.

The indication is to take one tablespoon of the mixture as soon as you wake up and another before bed.

3. Home Remedies To Eliminate Constipation Using Bicarbonate:

Drink water with natural lemon juice without sugar and a teaspoon of baking soda.

This natural remedy has the particularity of being alkaline and balancing the internal environment.

This helps to purify the body and stimulate the metabolism.

4. Homemade Remedy To Eliminate Constipation Using Plums:


200 ml of filtered water;

2 pitted black plums .



Before bedtime, put the plums in the glass with water and let them rest.

After you have spent all night soaking, fasting, take all the water.

5. Homemade Remedies To Eliminate Constipation Using Fennel:


Cascara Sagrada ;

Fresh or dried ginger root (as you like it most);

Fennel Seeds ;



Begin by adding a teaspoon of Sacred Shell , half a teaspoon of fresh or dried Ginger Root , to which you prefer, half a teaspoon of fennel seeds and half a liter of water.

After this, put all the ingredients on the fire for about 10 minutes, then extinguish the heat and allow the mixture to stand for another 10 minutes.

Finally strain the mixture and add honey so that this medicine becomes easier to ingest.

Drink 250ml of this home remedy before bedtime and after waking up and you may find that your constipation will be over in less time than you realize.

6. Homemade Remedy To Eliminate Constipation Using Lemon:


200 ml of filtered water;

1 lemon .


Take a pot and put the water to a boil.

Once it reaches the boiling point, turn off the heat and allow to cool.

Then squeeze a lemon  and stir well.

The indication is to take the drink every day in the morning.

7. Homemade Remedy To Eliminate Constipation Using Cereal Bran:

Add oat bran or wheat bran to your meals.

Both cereals can be of great help since the content of insoluble fiber is very high, causing a bowel scan that treats constipation naturally.

Add them to milk, yogurt , smoothies, juices, purees, puddings, soups, etc.

8. Homemade Remedies To Eliminate Constipation Using Molasses:


1 tablespoon of cane molasses ;

1 cup of warm water or tea of ​​your choice.


Dilute the molasses in a cup of warm water, or else into your favorite tea and take it once a day.

If you find that this amount is not enough you can increase it to 2 tablespoons of molasses per day.

9. Home Remedy To Eliminate Constipation Using Slug:


1 glass of juice of your choice;

2 tablespoons slug gel .


After preparing the juice of your preference, simply add the two spoons of aloe vera in the mixture.

That done, you just have to drink.

10. Home Remedy To Eliminate Constipation Using Dry Plum:

Plums are high fiber foods. They still contain sorbitol, a sugar that can soften stools that naturally help relieve constipation. Sorbitol generates a mildly stimulating effect on the large intestine, helping to reduce stool movement time and decreasing the risk of constipation.

If you do not like the wrinkled texture or the peculiar taste of prunes  , try taking them in the form of juice. However, remember that juice has less fiber than fruit.

100 grams of plumsdried, have 14.7 grams of sorbitol, while 100 grams of the juice have only 6.1 grams of sorbitol. You will need to drink more juice to achieve the same effects, and you will also ingest a greater amount of sugars.

Do not overdo the consumption of prunes . They should start working after a few hours. It is important to let a portion or juice go through the intestines before consuming more, or you run the risk of causing diarrhea .

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