The 10 Foods to Normalize Uric Acid in Your Body


Foods to Normalize Uric Acid in Your Body Also, Uric acid is a compound created by the liver from the metabolism of purines, a type of substance present in several foods, especially those of animal origin.

Despite this, only 40% of purines are ingested in food since our own body is responsible for the production of the other 60%.

If you are a healthy person, uric acid is easily eliminated in the urine.

But when you have kidney problems or when you ingestion in excess foods rich in purines substances found in all cells of the body that in their earlier stage are metabolized as uric acid in the body the body may end up failing to control the buildup of that acid.

Causes of Excess Uric Acid?

The consequences of this, as you can imagine, are not at all positive for health. Excessive levels of uric acid in the blood cause problems in the joints, such as gout; and in the kidneys, such as calculus formation and even insufficiency.

In general, it is very important to have your exams up to date on how uric acid and other blood rates go .

And while doctors prescribe drugs that work on the normalization of such acid, the truth is that a change in one’s own nutrition helps a great deal to bring back the balance of the organism , as you see below.

Check out some foods that help control Uric Acid:

  1. Strawberries:

Also because of vitamin C , strawberries as well as blueberries and fresh raspberries help reduce uric acid . The fruit also helps strengthen the immune system .

  1. Ginger:

Besides being a fantastic seasoning for meats, and being a great option for your evening tea, ginger is also very good at controlling uric acid in the body .

In addition to being a diuretic, ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. That is why, in fact, this root is also a great ally when it comes to taking care of the sore throat.

  1. Coffee:

Studies still try to find out what substance in the coffee helps control the level of uric acid in the body, but what has been noted is that people who drink coffee more often have a lower blood acid content .

  1. Carrot:

If you need to eliminate excess uric acid from the body , you can not miss carrots in your diet. They are alkalizing, that is, they help remove purines and crystals from the joints.

  1. Orange:

Rich in vitamin C , orange is also very good at reducing the crystals in the blood . In addition, the natural orange juice helps to dissolve the stones caused by excess uric acid , helping to bring the joints back to normal.

  1. Lemon:

Just like orange , lemon is a great source of vitamin C and helps in detoxifying the body . If you spend to consume the lemon squeezed daily in the fasting water, you will notice significant results not only in controlling uric acid but in various other aspects of your health.

  1. Cherries:

Fresh cherries are great against excess uric acid in the body , since they have anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Onion:

The onion acts as a purifier in the body , cleansing the toxins; and consequently reducing hyperuricemia. It is also a great ally in reducing triglycerides in the body .

  1. Garlic:

This seasoning present in our daily lives is also a great ally for anyone who needs to control uric acid . It helps to also lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

The bad news, however, is that for it to have medicinal action, the garlic needs to be consumed alone.

The indicated against uric acid , for example, is to knead two cloves of garlic and put them in a glass with water for 6 hours. Then just strain and take the mixture at least three times a day.

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