Teen is Caught in Fraganti Stealing Food and the Store Owner Surprises Him

Teen is Caught in Fraganti Stealing Food and the Store Owner Surprises Him1

Teen is Caught in Fraganti Stealing Food: The owner saw everything through the images of the security camera, and decided to confront the young man in an unusual way

Being hungry is a terrible feeling. But it is much worse for those who cannot afford to buy food and are forced to resort to desperate measures. That’s what happened to a 17-year-old who stole some snacks from a grocery store. However, the teenager caught stealing food never imagined that the store owner would offer the food instead of calling the police.

Find out what happened

Jitendra Singh was working in his supermarket in Toledo, Ohio, United States. During the weekend, his employee told him that possibly a young man was stealing. Then Jitendra went to check the images of the security cameras, to see for sure what was happening.

In the images, Jitendra could see that the young man roamed the aisles of the grocery store while grabbing some food and hiding it in his jacket. It was there when the owner went to the box to confront him.

When the young man arrived at the box, Jitendra asked him to take everything he had put into them from his pockets. He also told him that if he did not, he would call the police. Then Jitendra was surprised by the young man’s response. He told him that he was stealing because he and his younger brother were hungry and had nothing to eat or money to buy.

After hearing the young man’s response, Jitendra felt that he could not call the police but could help the young man and his brother. There he told the young man to go find more food and take it for free. The owner’s surprising reaction inspired Cedric Bishop, a frequent grocery shopper who was present at the time.

Cedric ended up giving the young man bags of food he had just bought, along with a $ 10 bill he had in his pocket. He also told what happened in a post on his Facebook page. In the publication he praised the action to the owner of the supermarket. This went viral and became news.

For Cedric, the attitude of the owner was laudable, since some young people only need support and someone who cares about them. But for the owner of the grocery store, Jitendra, he didn’t do extraordinary. He has always tried to help those in need and this time was just another opportunity. According to Jitendra, it is not important to give him food, after all, he has a lot of food in his shop. He also said that if the young man were arrested, he would do no good in his life.

Teen is Caught in Fraganti Stealing Food and the Store Owner Surprises Him

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