Subdural Hematoma – What It Is, Causes and Treatments


Subdural Hematoma – What, Causes and Treatments We Should Know. In addition, Subdural Hematoma is a blood condition resulting from bleeding in the meningeal sites between the dura and arachnoid .

To better understand what happens, it should be remembered that there is a virtual “gap” between the arachnoid membranes, which surrounds the brain , and the dura mater, which lines the skull internally. Between the two there is a thin vascular network that can break in case of trauma or accidents or trauma, generating a bruise.

Because the skull is a rigid, closed box, subdural bruising greatly increases the pressure inside the skull, leading to severe symptoms and sometimes even death.

The mortality caused by them is very high and they are among the leading causes of death from brain disease.

Causes of Subdural Hematoma:

The Subdural Hematoma occurs when a blood vessel breaks between the surface of the skull and brain . The main causes of this are:

Which gives;

Car accident;

Blow to the head;

In rare cases, Subdural Hematoma may occur after a lumbar puncture.

Treatments For Subdural Hematoma:

Treatment for a subdural hematoma depends on its size, location, and speed of growth. When small, subdural hematomas may remain in companion and sometimes heal on their own.

Some can be drained through a thin catheter through a small hole in the brain skull . Bruises larger or containing large blood clots require a craniotomy (surgical opening of the skull), which is rare.

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