The Style that Favors Women with a Round Face in 2020


See what the hair trend is for next year

It is said that new year new life, right? Usually, people tend to focus on the trends of clothing, shoes and accessories for each season and each year. But hair also matters. Next, the style that best suits women with a round face in 2020 will be presented.

What is the trend for women with a round face in 2020

The trend for women with a round face in 2020, when it comes to hair, will help highlight their features, make them look more beautiful and change their look with the arrival of the new year. If the structure of your face is round, take note and if you like it, dare to do it!

Lob shag

This haircut is medium and reaches above the shoulders. The peculiarity of it is that it goes with faded layers, which help the hair gain texture as well as flexibility and movement. When it comes to the face, the lob shag makes women with a round face seem to have it longer.

One of the advantages of this trend is that it is valid for any type of hair. That is, it suits both women with curly hair and those who have it straight because it is a very versatile cut.

On the other hand, the fact that you can also add a bang to the lob shag and this complements the 1,000 wonders is another benefit of this haircut. It should be noted that the bangs will hide even more the round face if it is made for the side.

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