If you have a Stressful Pregnancy the Chances of having a Male are Less


Mental and physical stress can also increase the risk of premature birth.

During the gestation period, women should take care of themselves more than ever. It is true that they should not be treated as if they were sick because they are not. They are pregnant However, it is preferable to avoid certain situations of overwhelm and / or strong emotional shocks because they can affect both her and the baby. According to a recent study, a stressful pregnancy reduces the chances of the baby being a child.

A stressful pregnancy decreases the chances of the baby being a boy

Research has revealed that a stressful pregnancy reduces the chances of the fetus being a child.

Catherine Monk, lead author of the study and director of women’s mental health in the obstetrics, gynecology unit at the Irving Medical Center in NewYork-Presbyterian, Columbia University said that “the uterus is a first influential home. We know that men are more vulnerable in the womb and, presumably, the stress in these women is long standing.

Nature often says that for every 105 boys born, 100 girls come into the world. However, the research showed that pregnant women with high blood pressure and other signs of stress had 4 children, while women with the same signs had 9 girls. Regarding pregnant women who were not stressed, they had 2 boys for every 3 girls.

Catherine Monk also pointed out that “other researchers have seen this pattern of decline in male births related to traumatic catastrophic events. One of them is the assassination of President Kennedy, and the other is the terrorist attacks of September 11 in New York City. ”

It is also important to note that the study showed that women with a stressful pregnancy were more likely to have premature births.

Support is essential during pregnancy

In the cases in which pregnant women had social support, their stress level dropped, and, consequently, the danger of having a premature birth as well. In fact, the more a woman is clothed during pregnancy, the more likely her baby will be a baby.

Social support can come both from friends, from family or from a religious group with which one feels identified, among others. This support makes the mother feel safe and confident.

Being during pregnancy may be more present in society than you can imagine. According to one finding , about 30% of pregnant women suffer from psychosocial stress due to pressures in their employment, anxiety or depression.

It is essential that women live the months of calm and supportive pregnancy. Stress at this stage can also negatively affect the baby. In fact, after birth, the mother may suffer postpartum depression.

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