Stool, Insects and Rat Hairs are found in Food


Unfortunately, these and other substances are found in the foods you eat daily

It is increasingly common to hear about organic foods. This is because they contain less pesticides and substances that harm food and the environment. To this must be added that feces, insects and hairs of rats can be found in the food you eat.

In the food you eat there may be feces, insects and rat hair

Maybe that food that you are so passionate about will eliminate it forever from your shopping list once you know it can contain feces, insects and rat hairs.

For example, up to 30 insects and some rat hair can be found in a chocolate bar. If you are a coffee lover , you should know that some are made with small amounts of rodent droppings.

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the United States) in words collected by CNN , “it is economically impractical to grow, harvest or process raw products that are totally free of unavoidable, non-dangerous and natural defects.” That is why substances such as feces, insects and rat hair can end up in your food without you knowing it.

As it is impossible to eliminate all substances, the FDA has communicated guidelines to minimize the effects.

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Coffee beans that are milled in the morning have about 10 milligrams or more of animal feces per pound. With regard to beans, between 4 and 6% can also be contaminated by insects.

In the black pepper that is thrown into breakfast eggs, there are about 40 insect fragments in each tablespoon, in addition to rat hair.

It should be noted that some fruit can also contain some flies.


In peanut butter, the FDA dictates that there are an average of 30 insect fragments in every 100 grams. Also, there are some hairs.

On the other hand, there is not so much control over jams. However, it is estimated that there are 4 or more mouse hairs per 100 grams and about 5 whole insects. This is joined by aphids mites and other animals that are not known.

As regards blackcurrant jam, it can even be up to 75% moldy and cherry jam up to 30%.


The paste is a favorite of the smallest of the house dishes. But you have to be careful. In a package of 16 ounces there can be a total of 9 hair of rats and 450 parts of insects.

The tomato itself is attached to the pasta itself. In this are located about 3 worms per can. If you like mushrooms and put them in a can, in a 4 oz. There are about 20 worms.

If you eat canned or frozen spinach, you may be ingesting about 50 aphids. In the case of canned sweet corn, 2 larvae and worm skins can be located


Stool, insects and rat hair can also be found in the drink. In the tomato juice in a Bloody Mary you can find about 4 worms and also 20 eggs that come from the fruit fly.

This is not the only fruit juice that can contain fly eggs or worms. Peach, pear and apricot can have up to 12% moldy fruit.

It should be borne in mind that despite feces, insects and rat hairs, Chapman, professor of agricultural and human sciences at North Carolina State University, said that “the parts of insects are disgusting, but they do not lead to Illnesses transmitted through food”.

For this, “the cross contamination of raw foods, cooking them little, not washing their hands and spreading germs from raw foods are the things that contribute to the more than 48 million cases of foodborne illnesses that we have every year in United States, ”said Chapman.

Therefore, one should not be so alarmed at the presence of these substances in food.

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