Steps to Eat Well, Quit Smoking and Play Sports


Learning to control harmful habits will lead you to a healthier life

Steps to Eat well, quit smoking and play sports

The brain is much more powerful than people can imagine. For example, when a person begins to diet, if not mentally strong and convinced, the chances of failure are many. That is why some scholars focus on understanding how the central systems of the brain work to help eat well, quit smoking and play sports.

What should be done to eat well, quit smoking and play sports

In 2005 there was already a study that indicated the part of the brain that regulates people’s habits. This is none other than the basal ganglia. They are modified when the person gets used to doing something in a certain way. They also do it again when the person stops doing that habit, but it is activated again when he starts it once more.

A good example is when someone who has quit smoking recently goes to a place and is offered a cigar and smoking it returns to vice.

Another finding showed that habits or customs and actions directed towards a certain different objective have a battle inside the brain. The combat that occurs in the brain is between the orbitofrontal cortex, that is, the area that makes the decisions, and the endocannabinoid neurochemicals. These are substances that the body produces naturally such as hunger, soil, pain, or memory, among others. According to the second study mentioned, the latter are the ones that emerge victorious in most cases.

To change this trend and eat well, quit smoking and play sports, follow these steps.

First step

The first thing you should do is to assimilate what emotion leads you to make that habit so harmful to your health. That done, replace that custom with a similar one that is healthy and that produces a similar pleasure.

Second step

It must be understood that it is not always necessary to have willpower to achieve something. This is because habits are linked to emotions. Experts emphasize that you have to focus on what causes the person to have an attitude that is harmful to their health.

Third step

For the psychologist Lola Lopez, in this phase a habit must end with a new one. In words collected by El Pais , “each habit triggers a mental map with its corresponding interactions between neurons, and some associated emotions that ‘burn the acquired behavior so that they do not forget so easily. Therefore, it must be disassembled with a new habit that involves replacing the one we had already acquired, obtaining the same reward with the new one, but with different procedures, so that the new behaviors do not trigger a new bad habit ».

Know why smoking after eating is so harmful to health.

Final tip:

It is important to keep in mind that during the changes and changes of habits, people will go through phases of anxiety, which must be learned to manage. For this, the help of a professional will always be essential.

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