Squeaky Will Not Be One More Problem Thanks To This Home Remedy!


Homemade Remedies To Cure Squealer that many are unaware of. In addition, angular cheilitis, also known as Boqueira is a wound that occurs due to an inflammatory process at the angle of the mouth. The lesion may be bilateral or uni. Older people are the ones who suffer most from the problem, but Boqueira can also occur in young people and children.

The abundance of saliva in the corner of the mouth seems to be the main cause, facilitating the formation of fissures, maceration of the skin and contamination of the wound by fungi or bacteria.

Situations that lead to the accumulation of saliva at the angle of the mouth, infection of the skin around the mouth or trauma are the main risk factors for angular cheilitis.

People with immune deficiency, whether due to stress, illness or immunosuppressive drug use, are also at a higher risk of developing angular cheilitis. These cases

include people with neutropenia, HIV, cancer , diabetes mellitus, organ transplants or anorexia.

Although it is a condition of extreme displeasure, there is a home remedy that can be effective against the Pitcher . Check it out:

Coconut Oil To Heal Squeak:

Use extra virgin coconut oil on site;

Repeat three or four times every day;

Alternatively, mix equal amounts of lemon juice and extra-virgin coconut oil;

Apply to the affected area, wait fifteen minutes and then rinse with warm water;

Do it twice a day.

The coconut oil is a great home remedy to cure Boqueira . Its antimicrobial properties help prevent the spread and growth of pathogens and even combat infection. The coconut oil also acts as a moisturizer eliminating skin dryness, irritation and pain.


Another recipe to cure Boqueira is:

Aloe Vera To Heal Squeegee:

Another home remedy to cure Spleen is aloe vera ! Its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antifungal healing properties combat fungi and a wide range of bacteria.

These properties help in relieving pain and inflammation due to angular cheilitis. It also helps in moisturizing dry and damaged skin at the corners of the mouth.

How to Use Aloe Vera:

Remove the gel from a sheet of Aloe vera ;

Put the gel in the refrigerator for thirty minutes;

Rub the cool gel slowly into the corners of your mouth;

Let it act for about twenty to twenty minutes before washing with cold water;

Use this medicine two to three times daily, until the skin at the corners of your mouth heals completely.

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