Soup Recipe to Burn Fat in 7 Days!

Soup Recipe to Burn Fat in 7 Days!

Soup Recipe to Burn Fat in 7 Days in a natural way. In addition, this  Fat Burning Soup is a great form of healthy weight loss, as it contains only natural ingredients. If you have never heard of the Fat Burning Soup in 7 Days, this is a way to discover more of the soup that can change your life.

This excellent 7-Day Fat Burning Soup includes the consumption of cabbage soup to burn fat for a period of seven days. What is surprising is that, during this period, you can eat the soup you want, whenever you feel hungry.

The more you eat of this soup, the more calories you will lose, as this Fat Burning Soup will not add calories. In fact, it works like a “negative calorie” meal, so it will speed up your metabolism and, as a result, you will burn more calories than you eat. In addition, you can also detoxify and slim your body.

Take care not to skip a day; if you plan to travel or stay elsewhere during the day, fill a thermos with your Fat Burning Soup and consume it.

This Fat Burning Soup can be prepared in several ways, but this article offers you both the original dietary cabbage soup and another, which is a modified version, but incredible, as it is completely organic and does not include soup or vegetable mixes Canned.

7 Day Fat Burning Soup Recipe:


1 large head of cabbage, small pieces;

2 cans of green beans;

2 green peppers, sliced;

6 large green onions, chopped size;

1 celery, minced sauce;

3 sliced ​​carrots;

1 can of diced tomatoes;

salt and pepper;

Optional: broth, tabasco sauce, curry powder, chopped parsley, cayenne pepper,


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The preparation of this remarkable soup is simple, just put all the vegetables in a pan, add the spices, cover with water and let it boil quickly for ten minutes and then reduce to a boil. Vegetables should be cooked until tender.

Important Tips:

Eliminate any bread, pasta or fried food from your diet

Eliminate any alcoholic beverages, due to the removal of fat accumulation in your body; finish the diet at least 24 hours before any alcohol intake

Stay with water, black coffee, unsweetened tea and fruit juices, cranberry juice and skim milk during the diet and do not consume fizzy drinks, including diet drinks

No prescription drugs can harm you on this diet.


Soup Recipe to Burn Fat in 7 Days!

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