Snoring your Partner could Harm your Health


Because of these sounds you can get to rest even 3 hours less

Sleeping enough hours is essential for health. Not only to be able to be active the next day, but even because not resting properly can increase the chances of you gaining weight, for example. If you sleep accompanied, you should know that your partner’s snoring could harm your health.

Why could your partner’s snoring harm your health?

Rest well decreases the chances of suffering stress and obesity, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. Therefore, it is imperative that you reserve the necessary hours to sleep. It is advisable to sleep between 7 and 8 per day.

However, there are times when there are conditions that escape from your hands and you cannot control, and these damage your soil cycles. One of these factors is snoring. And is that the snoring of your partner could harm your health.

It should be noted that over 44% of men snore. On the other hand, the percentage of women is 28, according to a survey carried out by Bensons for Beds.

Another of the data that came out of the survey is that 1 in 3 females do not get to sleep the whole night because of the snoring of their partners. In hours, this means about 3 per day and 45 days a year. On the contrary, only 2 out of 10 men are the ones who have waking problems due to women’s snoring.

Problems arising from not sleeping well

The fact of not resting well makes women suffer low self-esteem. In the Bensons for Beds survey, 1 in 3 also stated feeling down. Another important fact is that 21% do not take care of their diet because they do not get enough sleep.

It is important to keep in mind that lack of sleep can result in people who increase their tension, who suffer from anxiety, who are irritable and even increase the chances of having heart ailments.

Final tip:

To avoid snoring, the person who suffers them should go to the doctor for treatment. Likewise, not drinking alcohol, avoiding sleeping on your back, physical activity and treating nasal congestion are other factors that will help to avoid wheezing.

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