Why do Some People Suffer from the Smell of Feet & Underarms?


Although everyone can suffer from them, in certain individuals it is chronic

Good body hygiene is essential to prevent certain diseases. It is also the letter of introduction of people so people tend to wash a lot and perfume. However, some people, no matter how much they shower and colony, suffer from the smell of the feet and underarms. In these cases, there is talk of a chronic problem.

The smell of feet and armpits can be somewhat chronic

The smell of feet and armpits and in general, body odor, is sometimes not due to poor hygiene, but to a chronic factor. This can cause those who suffer from various emotional problems because others tend to get away from them.

This body stench is known as bromhidrosis or osmidrosis. The most common is that it occurs in the armpits and feet, although it can also occur in the genital area. Although anyone can suffer from it, it is more common to occur in adult males and, especially, in those with darker skin color.

The smell of feet and underarms takes place the secretion of eccrine and apocrine glands increases.

The first are responsible for regulating the temperature from which sweat is generated. With regard to the latter, apocrine glands produce fats that have no smell. These are located in the chest area, the armpits, the genital area, near the ears and eyes.

The increase in odor is that as secretions increase, “mainly from the apocrine glands, bacteria on the surface of the skin break down fats and in this process, ammonia and acids that produce a characteristic odor are released, among other substances. , strong, penetrating and unbearable for some people, ”says dermatologist Cesar Burgos in El Tiempo .

In addition to the aforementioned, the intake of foods such as onion, garlic, alcohol and even some remedies can cause the skin to release certain substances that make the person smell more.

Learn how to remove the smell of feet with some home remedies.


Through a spectroscopy or a chromatograph, doctors can find out what are the chemicals that cause body odor. That way, you can determine the appropriate treatment to follow.

Sometimes, it is necessary to perform an operation to remove the subcutaneous tissue from the armpits.

Another option is to remove the glands.

Some drugs such as botulinum toxin may also be prescribed.

Antiseptic soaps, laser hair removal, use deodorants and impeccable hygiene are other solutions.

Finally, the following video offers some tips to combat the bad smell in the armpits.


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